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Imagine you are a newlywed couple who own a 2BHK flat in a decent locality with a good view. The interior spaces are excellent, but the fittings and other arrangements are not up to par. What would you do? Hire an Interior Designer or a Contractor? What is the difference between the two?

Well, To begin with the contractor is a specialist who organizes logistics and services for completing a housing project. An interior designer on the other hand is a professional expert who also provides designing, redesigning, and renovating services. So, you get a contractor plus a creative person who can offer original insights, and has the skill to put freshly drawn plans on the table.

Interior Designer Strengths

  • He is a specialist with professional qualifications and extensive training.
  • Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as he has extended discussions to understand the requirements, and works out all the nitty-gritty’s.
  • An original idea is suggested and a fresh design is delivered within deadline.
  • The designer brings an innovative perspective and stamps his individuality on the entire project.
  • He can translate the plan on paper to create an excellent and eye catching interior space that reflects the customer’s personality and taste.
  • Hiring a designer is a financially safe decision as professionalism and systematic planning eliminates cost overheads.
  • The interior designer avoids costly mistakes as every minute aspect of the project is detailed and thought through in advance.
  • He offers problem solving skills and communicates technical details in a simple and understandable language.

Contractor’s Inadequacies

  • Adopts cookie cutter approach that includes monotonous plans which lack individuality and creative spirit.
  • Contractors perform all types of tasks and lack specialist skills sought by you.
  • General contractors perform risky work and ineffective ones do not have control over the hired workers and labour.
  • The cost estimates go haywire and budget overheads and poor quality finished projects are also common.
  • Project implementation poses inconvenience to others and disruption leads to loss of reputation in the neighbourhood.

Market Trends
Construction projects and renovation of interior spaces require a grasp of diverse activities such as planning, cost estimation, plumbing, carpentry, decorations, upholstery, flooring, etc., The interior designer has a professional approach and his ability to co-ordinate all the various activities ensure higher efficiency. The modern trend is to hire interior designers with computer proficiency and CAD skills.

The technology based services are not only more accurate, but they also offer visualization opportunities for the customers. The plans and cost estimates can be designed and calculated respectively with cutting edge software tools. In addition, The 3-D plans and animations can be checked for walk through and the customer has a visual experience of interior look.

The trendy designer has complete knowledge of cheerful colours, designer patterns, and symbolism. The professional can convert all your design dreams into reality – be they vintage, classic, modern, or ultra-modern. The best interior designers offer the following benefits at affordable costs-

  • Modular kitchens with high utility value and stylish kitchen accessories.
  • Optimal usage of tiny interior spaces for effective comfort and convenience.
  • American style interiors for those who aspire for the latest Western trends.
  • Vintage design patterns and home decor for those who prefer period settings.
  • Victorian era colours and combinations for the Jane Austen fans.
  • Thematic decorations that convey festive mood and celebratory spirit.
  • Highly stylish and uniquely designed chic rooms for fashionable customers.
  • Specially curated foyers and patios with inviting looks and aesthetic appeal.

Interior Designer, as the name suggests is an expert designer who can create or plan a high quality plan and execute it to perfection. Unlike the contractor with quantitative knowledge, The designer is a combination of engineering acumen and artistic aesthetic. The Interior designer alone can help you realize the dream of a perfect home for a happy family.

Nishant Gupta is co-founder of 100Krafts with more than 5 years of experience in FMCG (CPG and Retail domain). He is adept at operations along with marketing and finance. We at 100Krafts are leading interior designers in Bangalore and one of our areas of Specialization is Room Painting Ideas for your Home. Come meet the experts for your next project.

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