Internet Usage Policy

On the surface an internet usage policy may seem to be more about restricting employees than setting them up for success. However in actual fact an effective internet usage policy is not only important but necessary if you want to empower your employees to be more productive.

Clear and Defined Expectations
The main reason why an internet usage policy is so integral is because it provides a set of clear and properly-defined expectations to employees. According to Gallup research substantial gains in clarity of expectations result in productivity gains of 5% to 10% – which is significant.

Essentially your internet usage policy should let employees know the manner in which they are expected to use and access the internet during working hours. At the same time it will notify them how they are protected against cyber bullying, harassment, accusations of data theft, and other threats.

An effective internet usage policy should be reasonable and flexible. Instead of placing unreasonable restrictions employees it should provide them with freedom to use the internet, while letting them know what lines they should not cross.

Not only will this foster trust between the employees and management, but it will also reflect a more positive company culture that takes into account the needs of employees. It will provide them with the guidelines that they need to avoid unnecessary complications that could stem from not knowing what is unacceptable in the view of the company.

It should be easy to see how all of this will have a cumulatively positive impact on productivity. That is why an internet usage policy should be a priority for any company that wants their employees to be set up better for success.

Full Disclosure and Transparency
Another aspect of your internet usage policy that will benefit both employees and the company is the fact that it will provide you with the opportunity for transparency. In it you should disclose your use of software such as WorkExaminer’s computer monitoring software that will be used to track the activities and internet usage of employees.

It is important to take advantage of the capabilities of WorkExaminer but at the same time not make it feel like an intrusion of privacy. That is where the internet usage policy comes in, as it will outline the ways that the software will be used to track employees, what type of monitoring it will use, and the reasons why.

With WorkExaminer you will be able to ensure that the internet usage policy is adhered to, by tracking the time spent on websites, monitoring emails, filtering websites, blocking unwanted programs, and more. In short it will act as an extension of the policy, and provide you with the ability to enforce it.

By being upfront about using WorkExaminer based on the internet usage policy’s guidelines, employees will know what to expect. More importantly there won’t be the sense that the company is spying on their every move or waiting for them to slip up – and it won’t adversely impact productivity.