League of Legends

As you know, League of Legends is a MOBA video game offered by Riot Games. It follows the premium model and sells all of its items and equipment via micro-transactions.

Step into the shoes of an unnamed summoner who controls a champion fully packed with unique abilities that can use against a team of other players from all over the world or AI-controlled champions.

The ultimate goal will force you to smash the Nexus of the opposing team, a sturdy structure that lies at the midst of the base guarded by defensive structures, even though other modes also work.

Recently, the game introduced its new mode, Teamfight Tactics. Following the core mechanics, it features many prominent components, engaging gameplay, and brilliant objectives to achieve.

What’re Teamfight Tactics?

Teamfight Tactics (in short, TFT) is a newly featured mode in LoL and known as Autobattler.

It was first released on June 10, 2019, pitting eight players against each other to recruit powerful champions, deploy them on the battlefield to compete against the opposing team to be the last standing player to win.

In this mode, you will start your game by assembling an ultimate team, training and powering up the forces, and leading on the battlefield to watch how the battle unfolds.

Do you have an idea what it takes to be the last standing Man?

The small, cute legend serves as your playable character in the team fight tactics.

However, you can collect further new legends by playing matches in this mode or buying them in the store of this mode to have fun.

While playing the game, you have an option to swap between your small legends before the beginning of the match.

Your last job is to command your little legend across the arena using right-clicks and try to emote by following a similar method as you would in other game types of League or DotA 2, which also contains a lively in-game items marketplace, just like the one found in Eldorado GG.

Player Mechanics

There are three components with which you’ve to deal to ensure your victory, such as:


Usually, you have 100 health at the start, and each time you lose a battle, you’ll receive damage focused on how many defending champions successfully survived the battle and how strong they are.

According to the plot, once your health points reach zero, you’re eliminated from the arena, and your legends return to a shared pool for others to recruit.

Leveling System

Every player starts the game from level 1 and increases as the match advances, up to level 9. However, the number of champions in the game you’ve is directly proportional to your level.

You’ll undoubtedly receive access to the most prominent heroes as you unlock a new level.

As the match ends, you will receive a small experience, which is enough to level up at a decent pace early in the match.

So as the match proceeds, you’ll require to spend hard-earned gold on XP points to continue expanding the team.


One of the best in-game resources is gold.

You can complete several tasks, including purchasing champions, refreshing your store, and buying experience points to level your character up.

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