Apple has already started to prepare for the new iPhone 8 launch – a special release after exactly a decade of first iPhone version. However, there are still many rumors floating around when it comes to the features of the new iPhone and it is believed to come up with 3D camera AirPords and an infinity screen that will help it rival the S8 smartphone from Samsung.

Previously, there were rumors on iPhone 8 release date and those rumors suggested that the release of the new iPhone will be delayed for some inherent reasons. However, things have been pretty much clarified now and here is all you need to know about the release of Apple’s flagship iPhone.

When Will Apple Release Its New iPhone 8?

As it appears, Apple has already confirmed that they will be launching the new iPhone 8 on 12th of September 2017. In fact, there have been some invitations sent to very first event at Steve Jobs Theater that is part of Apple’s HQ.

The date that had been circulated widely prior to being acknowledged officially fits in with the annual schedule of Apple when it launches all its major products. Apple has followed that same schedule for all its previous major releases including that of iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

Despite all the rumors that suggested Apple’s new iPhone won’t be release this September because of some production issues and the fact that it’s going to be named differently, the release is right on schedule.

According to reports, Apple will be unleashing its latest iPhone at a wonderful ceremony that will take place at Apple’s “spaceship” headquarters this September. In fact, the exact date has also been highlighted and it will be 12th of September.

As stated on an online source, Apple is expected to unveil its new high-end gadget that will be named iPhone X or iPhone Edition.

According to the reports from Business Insider and other rumors, however, there were some supply chain problems and other technical challenges that could have delayed the release of the new iPhone. Some previous rumors also suggested that the delays could be possible because of issues in the production of fingerprint sensors.

How Much Is The New iPhone Going To Cost You?

According to all the rumors that we’re getting across, this flagship iPhone from Apple will be considerably more affordable compared to what you might think. According to Steven Milunovich, analyst of UBS – the financial services giant across the globe – the prices for the new smartphone from Apple might stay almost the same as that of iPhone 7.

According to him, the new iPhone 8 prices will start at $850 that is roughly around £682. In his report he stated that contrary to the common perceptions, the prices from Apple will be quite competitive. According to him, Apple always loves to position all its entry-level stuff at mid-market while the ‘Pro/Plus’ products are priced closed to its high end competitors.

However, according to some other experts, if you’re trying to buy new iPhone in UK then you might have to pay somewhere above £850. One report even says that the price could go as high as £1000.

The reason behind such high prices is that the new release from Apple is expected to come with 256 GB storage, 3D sensors, high-end OLED display and augmented reality all in the same box.

So, if you haven’t yet booked your new smartphone for the day of its release, do it right away. You’ll be surprised to see all the great features that it is expected to come with. It really is one great phone to have.

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