Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung is a well-known American writer and entrepreneur. She is living in birth town California with the family, and she is working on a book on her mother.

The American writer wants the world to know about a mother’s struggles in her daughter’s perceptive. She had a tough life because the parents, George & Mirtha were involved in illegal activity, which led to a lot of trouble with criminals.

You won’t find Kristina on social media platforms because she prefers to lead a private life away from the limelight. She does not want to grab the attention of the world and opinions from the audience because social media can be brutal sometimes.

Everything You Want To Know About Kristina Sunshine Jung

Real Name Kristina Sunshine Jung
Birthday August 1st, 1978
Birthplace California, United States of America
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Grandparents Ermine Jung and Frederick Jung
Profession Entrepreneur & Writer
Father George Jung
Mother Mirtha Jung
Net Worth Estimated around $300,000
Children Athena Romain Karan

What is the meaning of the Kristina Sunshine Jung?

Parents take time to name the child because it brings joy that cannot be explained in mere words. However, they love to give a name that has deep meaning to it, and you would love to know the meaning of Kristina Sunshine Jung.

  • Kristina: It is a name that is taken from Slavic culture, and it stands for Christian.
  • Sunshine: It is an English name, and it means “source of cheer or happiness” or something similar to positiveness.
  • Jung: The word is taken from German culture, and it means young.

She has a simple & straightforward name that has a good meaning behind it. Jung is the surname that she has inherited from her father, George Jung.

Early Life

Kristina Sunshine Jung is born on 1st August 1978 in the California United States of America. The young child started facing a difficult time since she was a toddler because Sunshine’s parents were involved in drug dealing.

The mother was addicted to drugs, and the father was a drug consumer & dealer. Jung’s mother was sent to prison for drug dealing, which is a tragedy for a toddler.

Unfortunately, the parents never paid attention to the young child, which encouraged the grandparents to take care of Kristina. She moved to the grandparent’s house and started to lead a healthy life.

Jung owes a lot to grandparents Ermine Jung and Frederick Jung for taking care of her and looking after her. She had a fair share of struggles in life, but she overcomes all odds & is leading a successful life.

Kristina moved to many places in pursuit of a better career like  California, Pittsburg, Napa, and San Mateo.

The American writer leads a private life, and very little is know about her. No one knows about her education qualifications and merits.

Father: George Jung

George Jung is no average drug dealer and he was known by names around the country. Many people in the drug dealing business named him Boston George and also El Americano. He earned the name due to the smart drug smuggling practices.

He was extremely good at smuggling cocaine from one place to another place. He was a big-time player during the 1970s to 1980s and was leading a successful life. However, he fell into the trap of drugs & became a regular user.

The American Police arrested him & the court sentenced him 20 years of imprisonment for the drug trafficking business.

He spent 20 years in prison and earned the right to come back to social life in 2004. He got arrested again in 2016 for violating parole rules in San Diego. Geroge is living with Ronda Clay Spinello and stepdaughter Clara Pearson.

Mother: Mirtha Jung

Millions of people started looking for information on Mirtha Jung after actress Penelope Cruz played her role in  Blow (2001). The Spanish actress played the character beautifully, which led to many questions in Mirtha Jung’s life.

It is safe to say that Blow (2001) made Mrs.Jung famous. The young mother understood that she was a drug addict and cannot leave this life early.

Young Kristina was growing up, and the mother decided to leave the child in the hands of grandparents. She understood that Geroge is not present with her, and she is in no condition to love, nurture, and take care of the child.

Mirtha met George in the 1970s, and she fell in love with him. Many people don’t know, but George is 10-years older than Mirtha, and they tied the knot in 1976. The drug dealer was a well-known name in the neighborhood because the business was booming, and he was at the heights of his career.

Mirtha was a drug addict, and George was a good source of it, but it did not live long. The mother of Kristina was sentenced to prison for three years, where she did not have access to drugs at all. However, it was a blessing because she was forced to get rid of the substance abuse and got back to social life with dignity.

What is Kristina doing nowadays?

Sunshine moved from California to pursue a career, and she dated Romain Karan for a while. The couple got married later on, and they have a child named  Athena Romain Karan.

The American entrepreneur maintains a low profile because she does not want the world to keep an eye on her activities. Kristina’s parents have a dark past, and the American Criminal Organization never leaves the family alone.

It is one of the contributing reasons why she is coming out to write about her mother after so many years.

Jung wants to contribute to the community by telling the world about her mother, and she is on good terms with Mirtha Jung. Kristina met with father George and is in good spirits with him as well. It is estimated that this book might become the best selling piece in the biography category.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth

Sunshine started to pursue different career options at a young age so she could become something in life. She proved to the world that you can become successful, no matter who you are and where you are coming from. She has started many small businesses and made a net worth of $300,000.

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