Greatest Love Story

Love is the most powerful emotion in the whole world, and it takes place in everyone’s heart. From the past times, we have listened to many love stories.

Throughout history, couples having love with each other has become the reason for war, music, art, and even writing masterpieces. With the power of love, it attracts people towards it.

If you are a new reader, you can explore the lots of options available if we talk about the magnetism of the Kennedys, the allure of Cleopatra, and many more things.

When you read the stories, then learn about their love and how they stood, which makes it a marker in history. Love stories reader never gets bored whether it is of history or a new one.

All people have an emotion of love simultaneously. It can be of different types. We have brought some love stories from history.

Greatest, True and Famous Love Stories From History

Famous Love Stories

#01. Paris and Helen

Helen was another man’s wife, but when Paris, the prince of troy, saw her mention her as the most beautiful woman in the world. Then after having love with each other, they ran off and this created Trojan War in place.

It is also said that Helen was half-divine as she was the daughter of Queen Leda and the God Zeus. We do not know that she existed or not in reality, but she was for which thousands of ships launched.

#02. Cleopatra and Mark Antony

Who is the story of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, and Mark Antony Roman General? They both love each other passionately. This story is about the power of subjugating everyone.

But at one time, Egypt and Rome got into a war in which Rome gets defeated. That time they both decided to die together in 30BC. Cleopatra clasped poison on her breast and died.

#03. Hadrian and Antinous

You have explored the wall stretches across England in the 2nd Century AD. It is about the heart of Antinous, who was a sports-loving and intelligent Greek student.

They both were traveling together and enjoying the love of haunting each other. Once time Hadrian saved his love life from lion haunt.

Then mysteriously, Antinous drowned as some said that he was murdered due to jealous feelings. Then Hadrian built a city in his honor and named a star after him between Zodiac and Eagle.

#04. Henry II and Rosamund Clifford

Henry was already married, the first Plantagenet king of England, but he was in love with Fair Rosamund, another woman. The name also knew Rosamund Clifford of Rose of the World.

To hide their love from everyone, Henry built a love nest in his park at Woodstock.
Then after some time, Queen Eleanor’s wife of Henry traced the nest and uncovered the truth.

Then after this queen offers death to Rosamund by choosing poison or blade, she chooses to poison. According to the study, henry keeps her wife in prison for 16 years.

#05. Dante and Beatrice

Beatrice was an inspirational lady for Dante while writing love poems. He was an Italian poet who had written many passionate poems, but he met her only two times.

When they both were the child, he was nine years old, eight years old. The second time they met was when they became adults and walking in the street of Florence.

That time she greeted her with the emerald eye. Beatrice died at the age of 24, and I never met her again.

#06. Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

Henry VIII, the Tudor king, falls in love with Anne Boleyn, having black and beautiful eyes. He was already married to the Spanish princess, and Anne refused to become a royal mistress.

After this king’s role, the whole western world got divorced to make Anne Boleyn his queen. Who shows that how kind has slaved in love with Anne. Their love story gets ended when they are beheaded.

#07. Louis XV of France and Madame de Pompadour

Who was a love story of 1730 when a Parisian prophetess told a nine-year-old girl that she would rule over the king’s heart, after one year later Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, who has dressed as domino, danced with King Louis, who has dressed as a tree?

Due to her beauty, who provided her with the title Marquise de Pompadour. All men wanted her as their mistress. While kind, Louis watched the play and declared her as the most delicious woman in France before sweeping out of the room.

#08. Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning

Elizabeth Barrett, with feeble health, was a respected and accomplished poet. When Robert Browning wrote for the first time to her parsing about her poems that time, she was 40 years old.

He was parsing her affluent language, fresh strange music, and many other things in the letter. They both met with each other in secret due to her family’s disapproval.

But in 1846, they both got married and lived the rest of their life together. Elizabeth Barrett died in the arms of Robert browning.

#09. Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII

Who is the story of King Edward and Wallis Simpson, a divorced woman? They both had an affair, and the whole nation gets shocked even Britain’s monarch fell into crisis.

Church and government both were against their marriage, so Edward chose to leave the throne.

In 1936 he famously told about his love with Simpson, and this way, he chooses love over kingship. Due to this, they both get settled in France outside the royal life.

#10. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman both met on the Picnic set, and they got married as a part of the shortest love story. They both were from the set of Hollywood and devoted to each other for 50 years.

One time some asked Newman, he replied I have streaked at home, so why run for a hamburger. They both lived in California and raised their family until Newman gets died in 2008.

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