Amla for Skin and Hair

Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is also known as EmblicaOfficinalis. It is known to be a full-bodied rich source of Vitamin C. It helps in replenishing the lost energy from the body within no time.

This small fruit amla (gooseberry) light green in colour has the same food value as that of two oranges. It is a fruit which is anti-scorbutic in nature. The intake of gooseberries helps patients suffering from respiratory problems, hair problems and skin disorders, etc.

The amlais one of the main ingredients in almost every ayurvedic medicine, and it also has carminative and stomachic properties. Amla works as a good blood purifier which is included in many herbal medicines for treating various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, diarrhoea, fever, bacterial and viral infections.

It works as a natural appetizer for the people suffering from lack of appetite.

3 magical qualities of Amla

  • Sheeta – coolant
  • Rasa- taste (sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent)
  • Sheet- cool

The advent of the internet has made the Ayurvedic medicines easily available through esteemed and quality online stores. Hence, one can easily buy amla products online.

Points to remember while taking amla juice

Amongst all the anti-aging herbs the amlais said to be the best. The amla powder of juice must be taken on the basis of body type, imbalance and health disorders.

How to consume amla powder

If one wish to take Amla in any form, then best is consuming it in the form of chyawnaprash which  is a good way. But sometimes it becomes difficult to take it, and if you do not like chyawanprash, you can make different amla recipes along with different liquids or can consume its juice which is available at various Ayurvedic stores, based on your body type, body needs, disease conditions and Dosha imbalance.

Amla juice for hair and skin

The amla or Indian Gooseberry benefits in reducing the age spots, hair fall and premature graying. The legendary thanks go to the large amount of bio-nutrients available like Vitamin C, which is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

This fruit also has amino acids, iron, Vitamin A, fibre in great quantity,with potassium, magnesium and calcium too good for the bones and skin. All of these essential nutrients are great for improving skin and scalp health. The nutrients in the amla juice are also best for the scalp and its care.

The avgamla juice online can show wonder when taken on a regular basis to treat many of the hair and skin problems. The juice also assists the body in having the proper amount of hydration keeping away the hunger pangs and is great for the weight-watchers.

The juice has proved to be of great help for the people who are over-weight or the ones suffering from obesity problems. Not only this,but also those who cannot bear the pungent and sour odour of the juice can simply apply it on the skin and the scalp for better results.

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