Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

Have you ever tried to save an online streaming video on your Mac in the past?

If you have, you probably know that there are numerous obstacles, and while there are several ways to go about it, most of the options available have limitations and don’t always work.

The only truly universal way to save online streaming videos is to capture them from your screen and then save them.

Although that may sound like a pretty complicated option, it is quite straightforward if you use Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac.

Essentially, you will have to open the online streaming video you want to record, launch Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac, and set it up to capture the video.

To start doing that, as soon as you launch the recorder, you should trace a frame over the video by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor, so that it records that part of the screen.

How To Capture Online Streaming Videos

If the frame isn’t a good fit, you can resize and reposition it after you’re done, or you could use one of the presets in the list under ‘Capture Area’ on Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac’s interface.

Assuming you want to play and record the online streaming video in full screen, you can select your display in that lit.

Also on the interface is an ‘alarm clock’ icon that you could click on to automate the recording by setting a timer or scheduling a start and stop time.

It may be good to check that the ‘System Audio’ icon is highlighted, and the ‘Microphone’ icon is not, so the right audio is captured.

When you’re ready, you can press the ‘REC’ button to start recording and play the online streaming video after you do.

Once the video is finished, press ‘Stop,’ and Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac will immediately save your video onto your hard drive as an MKV file.

If you want, you can go over the video that you recorded using Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac in the ‘Preview’ window that will appear.

If some parts aren’t needed, you can trim them by splitting the video to isolate the unwanted segments and then deleting them.

After you’re done, you can click ‘Save As’ and save the changes you made, or select a different format that you may prefer.

There are many other features in Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac that you can use to adjust the sound levels, capture keyboard and mouse actions set the frame rate, and more.

As much as those who may not need these features to capture streaming video Mac it would be worth your while to familiarize yourself with them nonetheless.

Being able to customize your screen recording will let you do far more than save online streaming videos, as you can record and save anything at all from your Mac’s screen.

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