Going on a Vacation

As a traveler, you’d never want to put yourself in a situation in your trip that would stress you out. For example, you’re on vacation in Dubai, traversing through the hot, arid desert when you realize that you don’t have a hat on. Instead of enjoying an exciting course through Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, you’re on a trip that’s blazing hot without protection.

If you want a stress free vacation, it’s essential that we prepare and know what to bring on a trip. You wouldn’t want to wear your flip-flops in the freezing mountain slopes of Switzerland, would you? Here are some things aside from money, for you to bring when going out on a beautiful getaway.

7 Items To Remember When Going on a Vacation

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When going on trips, it’s vital that you have an easy, carry on ID. A Driver’s License, Professional Licenses, and other government-issued identification cards are necessary documents that a traveler should have. Always check your bag and make sure that you have at least 2 to 3 papers that prove your identity. Most of the time, security officials, emergency services, police, military, or any other government services in the country you’re in will need identification in making it easier for tourists to travel to and fro.

Hats, Caps, Bonnets, and Headwear

Whether it’s raining or sunny, you can never underestimate the usefulness of a proper headwear. Of course, before you bring in your whole collection, you should know that packing light is always a priority. Determining where you want to go is a critical factor in the type of head-wear you want to bring in. Bring bonnets, ski masks, balaclavas, and other thick, wool-woven headwear when going to cold places like the Alps or any snow-covered tourist spot. For beaches and other tropical destinations, a wide brim hat or even just a bandana is an excellent piece of clothing to protect you from the sun.

Plastic Folder

Another container for your valuables is a seal-able, waterproof, plastic folder for your documents. You wouldn’t want your identification papers folded, crumpled, or get wet when the time comes. Plastic folders might seem to be a bit too much but can give you a lot of help when it comes to taking care of your documents.

Belt Bag

Aside from your wallet, you’ll need something to put it in. If your wallet is in your bag then you’ll have a lot of trouble getting it when the time comes. Imagine a long line where everyone is waiting for you to get spare change or if the police officer is waiting for your identification papers. The situation above is where belt bags come handy. Sling bags are okay but don’t provide the proximity a belt bag brings when worn. Belt bags are closer to your body and can give you maximum security when it comes to all your personal belongings.


When you’re traveling to remote places around the world, there are chances that you will encounter blackouts or power outages. Lights are an excellent way to provide you with ample lighting which can be a big help. Not only does a headlamp help you in such situations, but it also helps you with your vacation. When you want to go for a night walk out in a lush jungle, you might want a headlight to guide you through paths around you. It can also help you pack your things at night should a blackout ever occur. 

Power Banks

Of course, a wise traveler or tourist always brings their cell phone charger with the trip. However, a condition such as the one mentioned above can render your charger virtually useless. Although there could be a lot of reasons why remote destination spots don’t have a stable supply of power, you still need to charge your phone or device. Power banks are particularly useful when it comes to these types of emergency situations. These light, compact, gadgets, function as a charger that can power up your devices even without electricity. Just make sure that your power bank has a reasonable amount of power before you bring it along.

Customized First Aid Kit

The items above all have one thing in common: protect your personal belongings and valuables. However, do you have something in your bag that safeguard or cure you should an illness come and bug you? Bring in a first aid kit with modified contents, and you’re likely to stay healthy and fit when a sickness begins rearing its ugly head. Bring in personalized medications for yourself. Always remember, that does not bring anything in excess especially when it comes to liquids. You’ll only get flagged at the airport. It’s also good to bring in your prescriptions or doctor’s notes when you plan on bringing special types of medication. 


When you have to want fun on a trip to a remote, exotic place, then it pays to bring all the necessary items listed above. Small things such as a little plastic folder can bring in wonders for you when it comes to keeping your documents safe. A first aid kit can help you in times of sickness, or it can help others in need. Be prepared and smart, and never forget these items when on a trip. Now go on and enjoy that well-deserved vacation.

Yassi Parrish is a travel and lifestyle blogger. Since she loves to travel best destinations, she makes sure that she carries high-quality luggage with her. Yassi browses any online store like Luggage Online to get the best deals. In her spare time, she spends some quality time with her parents.