Battle Between Power and Leadership

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Crucial Differences Between a Boss and a Leader

In every organization, there is a boss and a leader. But still, there is a lot of difference between the two. Both the management and leader adopt their own management style, build different relationships and make different decisions according to their responsibilities. In an organization, a boss is always a manager having subordinates while on the other hand, a leader is basically ahead of a group who motivates and inspires each team member rocket League individually and personally. Sometimes it happens that we mix a boss with a leader. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

Differences between a Boss and a Leader

A boss gives answers and a leader seeks solutions

A boss of a company is responsible to give an answer to the response of employees and other people. On the other hand, a leader asks for solutions and also helps others in getting solutions to a particular problem.

A boss manages work and a leader leads people.

The boss acts like the manager and manages the entire task happening in the organization. On the other hand, the leader is responsible to lead the people in the right direction and help them in achieving the goals.

A boss expects big results and A leader is generous with praise

A boss always expects big results, and always asks the employees to achieve more and more objectives point; on the other hand, a leader is always generous with praise. He praises the efforts and tasks of the employees and team members.

A boss counts value and A leader creates value

A boss always counts the value that means he takes a decision on the basis of finance. The leader creates the values that mean he motivates the team members to become so efficient that they can easily lead the tart towards growth and success.

A boss controls and a leader trusts

A boss is responsible to control the employees and people in the company. On the other hand, a leader trusts the team members and his own trust to others.

A boss commands and a leader listens and speaks

A boss is always commanding. he gives commands to the Employees and the leader always listen to what the team members are speaking and also speak to them about their problems.

A boss creates circles of power and A leader creates circles of influence

A boss always tries to create a circle of Power. He usually control others with the help of power and on the other hand, a leader always creates a circle of influence. He tries to influence others with his great workings.

A boss criticizes and a leader encourages

Whenever a mistake happens the Boss criticized the employees and on the other hand, if any mistake happens then the leader encourages the employee or team member to be more careful next time

A boss chooses favorites and A leader establishes equal relationships

Sometimes a boss becomes partial among the employees and chooses in his favorite. On the other hand, a leader always tries to establish an equal relationship with all the team members and never be you with anyone.

A leader creates more leaders

A Boss never let others to be the boss but a leader always helps others in being a leader.

Hence these are the crucial differences between a Boss and a Leader. Now it’s upon you that you want to be a Boss or a Leader.