Trip To Montreal

The nightlife in Montreal is nothing short of impressive, and you will never get bored once the sun sets and the city lights come out. While you can always enjoy a great day in the city and then relax with the best massages in Montreal, we strongly recommend you don’t skip the nightlife activities here.

So what can you do in Montreal? Aside from the usual club hopping, here are some of the more unique adventures you can have:

Gaming at the Amusement 2000 Plus
trip to montreal canada
During the day, this place is crawling with kids, so you best steer clear if you’re a bit older—or even way older. But this place is open until 3am on weekdays, and on weekends (Fri and Sat) they’re open until 4:30 am. This means you can enjoy arcade games to your heart’s content until the wee hours. Who says video games are just for kids?

Trampolining at iSaute
Trampolining at iSaute
Jumping on trampolines can be fun, and that’s especially true here at iSaute where you have huge rooms filled with wall-to-wall trampolines. You can get your bearings jumping as high as you can for a while. Once you’re used to the sensation, you can then try the basketball dunk centre or the trampoline dodge ball stadium. Now these are activities that can take trampoline jumping to another level! The place is open until midnight. Try to eat early and not too much, so you can jump with more ease.

Watch a Movie at the Dollar Cinema
Maybe there was a time when watching a movie here did cost merely a dollar, but prices rise even in (or especially in) Montreal. Still, at about $2.50 the price sure is cheap. The movies they screen here are not recent releases. They’re older films that have already seen their theatrical release end for the most part. The screenings can start as late as 11:30PM, and it’s better than sitting at home watching that same movie on your TV.

Air Gun Shooting at the Tir du Soleil
During ordinary weekdays, the place is open until 9PM, though this is extended up to 10PM from Friday to Sunday. So at least you still have time at night to enjoy shooting air guns at Montreal’s indoor air gun sport center. Here you can have air gun versions of various firearms, ranging from revolvers to M16 rifles. You’re welcome here whether you’re a grizzled veteran or a newbie to this type of toy. Don’t worry about safety, as the people who run it are very much concerned about security and safety. It’s so safe here that it’s open for children as young as 8 years old.

Go On a Montreal River Cruise
Montreal has numerous river cruises, and it’s a different when you experience the city from the water rather than just on land. You may find yourself cruising down the St. Lawrence River, while you enjoy the spectacular Montreal skyline at dusk. Dinner cruise packages often come with a gourmet dinner, and fireworks may be part of the entertainment.

Have a Few Laughs at a Comedy Show
It’s said that laughter is the best medicine, and you’ll forget about your troubles once you visit comedy places like Comedy Works and Comedy Nest. These shows can start as late as 10:30PM, and you can enjoy the show with some beer. Funnily enough, everything seems more amusing when you have some alcohol!

After all or any of these activities, take the time to relax with a nice massage before you get home. Getting a massage is great way to make sure you still have energy for tomorrow—because hey, you’ll never run out of things to do in Montreal!

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