Houses are a unique asset that come in different sizes, ages, and shapes -some are new and some are old. A majestic fireplace, warm, an old apple tree in the garden, and a wood craftsmanship from another era; all these things typically come with older houses. However, this kind of a house comes with a steep price with the need of many renovations to keep up the modern taste of you and your family. It is as every important decision in our lives, buying an old home brings some advantages and disadvantages. The question here is that how to decide if an older home is worth it.

Pro: Characteristics

Unlike Victorian houses, which were built like fortresses, houses are today built with convenience and speed with several modern amenities and features. It is a fact that older houses come with many unique and beautiful features, original fireplaces, wooden beams, and a small fountain in the garden an older house will have both the feel and the look. On the other hand,newly build houses have to build the charm from the scratch. It is possible to place all the features of an old house into a newly made house, but this can eat into the finances quickly.

Con: Energy Efficient

The new home is built with new technology and with all the advance energy efficiency codes and standards in mind. This means that new houses do not cost as much to run vs. older homes. It is also possible to put all the advanced technology into the old house but it will be an added expense.As with radiators, old homes also have them, but new houses have thelatest radiators which are cost effective.

Buying an Old Home

Pro: Size of the House

Old houses were often built on bigger plots because the families were much larger at that time. If you have a big family or you are looking for few extra rooms, then an older home might prove to be a better option. Older houses normally come up with a large garden which is difficult to ignore. Because of the size old houses, almost have all the necessary features such as a fireplace, radiators, garden, and extra rooms make them a tempting possibility.

Con: Storage Issue

In this era, everything is getting smaller such as cell phones, laptops, and even cars, which also means that we are carrying much more stuff today. Newer homes entertain proper storage capabilities, on the other hand older homes comes with imperfect edges, ceilings, and sloping floors. For a short stay, your thoughts are less, but if you are planning to live in an old house for a longer period of time, then the storage issue will affect you.

It is true that old home comes with several disadvantages but it is also true that the sales of old and new houses are almost the same. Sometimes it is all about practicality; do you need good space or you think yourself a modern one.

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