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Tired of looking into your same old phone that is doing nothing but causing trouble? Then this is the perfect reason to start looking for the latest phones in the market. And speaking of latest, you might have heard about the craze going all around the world for the recently launched one plus 6 phone. So it is come with a load of amazing features that any one of you might be looking for in a smart phone. Now lets take a closer look into their features.

One plus 6 features to look upon

The phone is the best budget phone that you can look for and some of the smoking hot features of this phone are;

Design of the phone

The sparkling design and sleek appearance of the one plus 6 phone makes us want to own it. The smartphone has set a new trend which has started using a glass set of back panels. They have been designed for a 3.5 mm headphones jack. The volume buttons are placed on to the left side of the phone making them much more convenient to use. The model also comes in a limited edition marvel avenger series for all the die-hard fans of the movie. Using the best amazon offers you can avail it for a price worth it.

Camera Performance of One Plus 6

Everyone who intends to buy a phone would majorly interested in its ultimate feature of the camera as everyone has gone so picture centric and would love to flaunt themselves and their lives on social media through these great quality pictures. So talking about the camera quality in one plus 6, The camera is a 16MP with 20 MP dual camera with an enhanced efficiency of working sony sensor compared to its old ones.

  • The camera is built in with stunning capability to capture the moving objects.
  • The pictures are taken with extraordinary crispness and clarity. They are aided to take great shots even during the night time
  • A significant addition to the camera this time is the optical image stabilisation feature which is not seen in many other local phones.
  • The video resolution is also improved which can record 4K resolution videos at a time.
  • The camera has introduced portrait mode where you can blur the images and sharply show the objects in portrait mode.

Battery Life Review of One Plus 6

Speaking of the battery, we all would like to have a phone which would like to be less frequently charged in a days’ time. So here it is, the one plus 6 phone comes with this saviour feature that comes with a battery that is 3300mAh capacity.

  • The average capacity of the battery makes it work for 12 hours a day on normal use and the screen consumes very less battery due to enhanced resolution.
  • There are loads of battery saver features added to this device which can be set to activate at a mark of 5 or 15 percent.

Screen Display

The one plus 6 comes with a cool 6.28 inch display with an optic AMOLED display. The model comes with a 19.9 as its aspect ratio which enhances the video watching experience. It also has a 2.5D corning gorilla glass protection.

Overall Performance of One Plus 6

The performance of the one plus 6 is quite compelling and delivers beyond the expectations of what you look in a phone. The mobile is driven by a powerful mobile chip which is the qualcomm snapdragon 845. It has a 8 GB RAM which is the only reason giving out the ultra speed performance. They come with anocta core processor. The android version is an Oreo 8.1 which is the latest one in the android market.

Final Review of The One Plus 6

The famous site for giving their reviews are the ndtv gadgets 360 and they have some useful insights about the phone that you may have to keep in mind before heading on towards buying a one plus 6 phone. The phone is an  embraced and superior model to its previous one plus 5T version. The updated version of this is seen in this model with bug fixes and it comes with a new version of processor, brand new screen and updated designs.

To look at the dim side of the phone, it could have come with a better camera for the price and the battery performance of the phone is not that much worth the other mobiles that come with greater capacity in terms of battery. On the bright side, the mobile is a sleek looking treat for all the one plus fans and the performance is excellent with its fastest processor and extraordinary RAM functions which come in 6 GB and 8 gb.

Price of OnePlus 6

The latest phone in the android market that is making sensational rounds and excitement amongst the phone comes in a very good price for the bundle of features it is stuffed with. The phone comes in a 6 GB RAM model that is priced in the amazon market for Rs.34999. the other model of the one plus 6 is coming with the exact same features but also with an additional RAM of 8 GB that gives ultra-speed performance to them. This piece is priced at Rs.39,999. They are only put on amazon store so they cant be found in any other retail stores.

Final say

After looking into the cool new features of the one plus 6, you can definitely come to conclusion that they have all the amazing updated features that we might want in a new phone and the phone is priced at a rate of Rs.34,999 in India. The phone has a super speed data connectivity and the processing speed is also outstanding.

So there are great offers that are spread out online that you can get them at much cheaper rates than any place else. They are also an amazon exclusive products and you may not find them at any place else. So after all comparisons you must be convinced that this is the best buy that you would make in this year. Get your hands on the one plus 6 product today.

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