Online learning

Potential students may be put off from online learning, worrying that the learning is impersonal and doesn’t take their needs into consideration. However, learning online can be more bespoke than you think.

You can follow your chosen career 

All courses of the same subject and qualification tend to follow the same syllabus, whether taken online or at a university or other educational institute. However, after studying the foundation or minimum qualifications, you can move on to a more specialized course tailored to the specific career and specialty you want to work in. For example, RN to MSN programs allow students who are qualified nurse practitioners to expand on their qualification without having to undertake a full four-year degree, cutting off a year of the course because of the education and knowledge they have already gained. This is a popular choice because of the money it saves.

Presented in a way that helps you learn 

We all have different ways of learning that we find easier than others. Some students take in more information from audio learning, while others react better to visual or written content. Learning online usually means having some choice in how you access the course materials. You may have books to use, but as the course is online, there will also be video learning and audio recordings. These will usually have a written transcript for the benefit of deaf students. The added benefit of these transcripts means that you can read along with (or after) listening to or watching the audio or video. Alternatively, video might be your preferred option, and you can choose this as a primary way of learning. If one of these options isn’t available, you should be able to request course materials of your chosen format, if the course is bespoke.

Selecting modules 

Depending on your online course, you may be able to select modules, so while you still gain the same qualification as other students, you will take different modules to achieve it. Obviously, some courses have more choice than others. Your first year may even be spent getting a broader idea of all the modules involved before committing to choosing which ones to pursue.

Learning at a time to suit you 

Another bespoke part of online learning is choosing the time and place to suit you. There may be set times for group discussions, online tutorials, and any work placements you take on as part of your qualification. However, the majority of the course will be flexible and can be done between your work and other commitments, provided that you meet any deadlines for assignments and tests. This is often the main reason why students choose to learn online.

To conclude, it is possible to find bespoke learning online, and it has its advantages for the students and the course providers. Online learning allows for more options and smaller groups on the same qualification, where there wouldn’t be enough resources to provide this personalization in person.

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