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Have you lockout yourself out of your home; we are here with a few of the easy tricks that will enable you to handle these situations in a very most natural way.

What will you do in the case when you have been locked out of the house and have lost keys, or your keys have been broken?

It is one of the most annoying situations that need to have a perfect solution to get through.

How To Open a Door Lock without a Key

Just go through the simple tricks given below and reach an exit from this annoying situation in an excellent way.

Open a Door Lock without a Key

Unlocking door by using a credit card:

If you are looking for locksmith services in Tampa, then don’t waste your precious time; use your credit card to open the door and get your door unlocked.

Using a credit card is a perfect solution for unlocking spring locks. If you have lockout yourself, take out your credit card and force it between the bolt and the frame.

Now flush the card against the frame and bend it back, forcing the lock into the door. That’s it.

Using a screwdriver for unlocking the door:

It is another beautiful solution for all those locked out of the house. This method is very efficient for opening doors with privacy handles.

Now, you don’t need to call for locksmith Tampa. Push a screwdriver or a paper clip hammered flat into the tiny hole present at the doorknob, and then just put it straight as far as you can do it.

Make a turn and unlock the door only within a few minutes.

Pick the lock with tension pick set:

It is another one of the finest but a bit of complicated method that will enable you to get rid of the situation if you have lockout yourself.

It is a specialized method that needs continuous practice and concentration. It is one of the conventional techniques used by locksmith Tampa in case of lost or damaged keys.

All you need to do is insert an Allen wrench into the lower edge of the keyhole and an unbent paperclip with a slight crook at the end.

You have to move the wrench along with pushing the paper clip at the same time.

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Remove Hinges:

It is one of the most natural methods that all of us can easily opt for if we have locked out of the house. You need to remove the hinges by using a screwdriver along with a hammer.

Break the lock with a hammer:

If you have used all the above methods for unlocking your door and have not succeeded, that eradicates the lock with a hammer.

If you have locked out of the house, need to get inside urgently and don’t have much of time to call for locksmith Tampa or a non-emergency number, bash downward on the doorknob repeatedly until the lock breaks away.

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