Vinyl Planks

Everything is available in HD in recent years. And the same holds in the case of floorings also. People want to give their floor an authentic and attractive look, due to which they are switching over to feet that use 3D imaging technology.

This plays an influential role in making their interior more impactful and beautiful. One of the most innovative options these days are the much-talked-about vinyl planks in Australia.

The Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and the Premium Vinyl Planks (PVP) are trendy in this category and are gaining continuous attention worldwide.

Why Opt for Vinyl Planks in Australia

Below given are the benefits of vinyl flooring. The best part is that it can provide you the look of high-end options like limestone, marble, hardwood, ceramic, and many more.

Availability of many options

The vinyl planks and tiles are available in various designs and colors. Also, they are of different sizes and shapes. So one can choose from the wide range of options available and get them installed as per the place.

They resemble the expensive flooring materials and give you the look and feel of the real ones. Hardwood, for example, looks great but is very expensive. But with vinyl planks, you can get the same feel and texture at a much lesser cost.

Installation is easy

It is thinner and lighter in weight compared to other flooring materials, so it is easy to install them at any level of the building, even in the basement. With little attention given to the surface on which the flooring is installed, many damages can be avoided.

The character on which it is to be fixed has to be clean as much as possible. Since the vinyl floorings are softer, subfloor debris or molds are formed if care is not taken beforehand.


There is no need to spend a fortune when you are planning to invest in vinyl flooring. So it is the best affordable way to get the best flooring for your house.


The vinyl floorings will not affect the indoor air quality of the place when installed as per the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. With the help of normal ventilation, the VOCs emitted from the vinyl floors are soon dissipated and do not harm anyone.

Also, vinyl flooring is one of the few products that strictly adhere to the National Electrical Code of the National Fire Protection requirements.


The LVT is softer than other flooring materials, and it also helps in dampening the sound. In addition to this, the flooring has the antimicrobial surface that can kill bacteria.

Easy to maintain and clean

You can sweep on the vinyl floor and also use a damp cloth to make it look bright. Any LVT and PVP of good quality will not get discolored or get de-laminate, and neither gets chipped.

It is more stable than a wooden floor, and that’s why it neither shrinks nor expands with climate change. It does not even hold moisture during the humid seasons. Who can easily use them in bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms as they resist liquid spills?

All the above-stated reasons add to the growing popularity and demand for such innovative flooring alternatives worldwide.

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