Picnic with Friends

So traveling is not just about wandering and seeing things around but then we also have those office trips which are either purely business or else they also involve partial enjoyment. Sometimes office trips are meant for relaxations and that is when you can totally let go of yourself.

But when it comes to traveling with our colleagues, we always have to make sure that we think about our reputation and our behavior first rather than the enjoyment that we would be having ahead. So I, Aara, a travel expert and a writer am here to share with you, my personal tips as to how you can behave and look cool even when you are having fun with your colleagues.

This is meant for all those people who mistake informal behavior with misbehavior. Often they may not have the same intentions in their minds but the opposite person might feel bad and then down the drain, goes the reputation.  So just be a little careful when you are on an office trip because it might end up costing our jobs at the stake. Moreover, a professional relation must always remain so no matter how informal the event is.

Dress well, look your best. That doesn’t mean you have to wear your tie just like you do every day. But that also doesn’t mean that you dress up like you are going to bed. Look cool and classy with a touch of a ‘fun-mode’ in your dressing sense. Some casuals could help!

Make a mental note that you are not going to use the language that you use outside with your childhood buddies or with your hangout partners. You are out with office people, keep your tongue in control and make sure your voice is either soft like the way it is in office or else a little higher than that.

If you are a woman, make sure your attires are not odd or vulgar as they might draw attention and you might end up being the talk of the event. It also brings a negative impact on you as you will surely be seen in the office after the event ends.

If you are a man, do not go all ‘touchy-touchy’ with the females as they will end up having a very negative impression on you. Decency and enjoyment should go hand-in-hand when it comes to an office outing. So if you are a man, be a man. You know what I mean!

Try taking part in everything with some enthusiasm as it is very important to socialize with everyone. Office hours might not permit you to talk to people and all so this is your chance to talk and know each other.

DO NOT FORGET DESIGNATIONS! Yes it is like a loud warning to everyone as many people tend to forget their positions in their companies and that might end up in leading them to the stakes. You see events are not just a one day thing. They are remembered for a lifetime and in such times, if you have done something brutally bad, then you are in trouble.

During the games and the events, you might even have the situation where you might end up being in a team with people who don’t belong to your actual office team. So being a biased person might be a bad idea over there. Keep an open welcoming mind.

In case of help do not hesitate to do it thinking someone else might help. Initiate! Do not try pushing people into problems. That is the most foolish things people do without thinking when they are having too much fun.

Be competitive but then also make sure that you encourage the introverts of your company and help them turn into better speakers. Try giving them a chance to prove their talents and talk out their ideas.

If you are a senior in the office or a boss, then make sure that everybody gets equal chance in everything and do not try to be biased only towards your teams or any particular person.

As much as team outings are fun, they are also the reason behind many issues with our fellow colleagues. Little tips and inner-rules can clear the clouds of tensions from our lives. So know how to behave and enjoy an office trip. Wishing you all the very best. If you like this article, then do not forget to like, comment and share this article. Adios!

Passionate about traveling and then penning down the experiences, Aara Sharma didn’t have to leave any sort of corporate job or anything as she immediately started working for Indian Eagle as a traveler. It has been more than a year and she has not thought about taking a break from this. She rather enjoys it. Travel through her articles to know more about her world.

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