Mussoorie is indeed an interesting hill station to be for visitors of all types. There are several important places of interest that does need special mention in your itinerary of must visit places during the trip. Some of them are mentioned below.

Places of interest not to be missed out during the visit
It is only by staying at one of the luxurious five star hotels in Mussoorie that you can ensure getting maximum rest and comfort and get to view all the important points in this region.

Best Places To Visit in Mussoorie

Winter tourism in Mussoorie

Jhari Pani Falls

This fall is located about five kilometres away from Library Bus Stand. When travelling to Mussoorie from Dehradun, you need to take right turn about 11 km before Mussoorie to reach Jharipani. The roads are motorable and are a two kilometre trek.

Bhatta Falls

When going back from Mussoorie to Dehradun is located the Bhatta Falls. This two kilometre trek is about three kilometres from Mussoorie. Before the falls is a cottage, where you can stay for the night, named “Fair Lawne Estate Cottage”. Garima Nursery owns this cottage. The other option here to relax is Mussoorie Lake, located on same route. You can enjoy boating here.

Company Garden

This garden is actually a government initiative and a beautiful park having fun rides and artificial falls. Rickshaws can be availed from “Gun Hill Point”. The rates charged by the rickshaws are fixed.

Tibetan Buddhist Temple

It is also called Shedup Choepelling Temple. It is located close to IAS Academy, right behind Tibetan Homes School on Happy Valley Road. This temple is open from 7am – 5pm. The town of Mussoorie is said to have been the very first place of seeking refuge by Dalai Lama, upon his fleeing Tibet. But no proper direction or board is present to know the location of this monastery. Locals know this way quite well and hence, you can ask them about the direction. The temple route is said to be extremely narrow. Moreover, the view that you can have from the temple is rally breath-taking.

Everest House & Point

You can visit the residence of George Everest, the famous surveyor. Even though, it is an abandoned building and in poor shape, it is indeed worth the visit to get wonderful views, especially on clear days. A trek is said to go right to Everest Point from behind this house. You need to begin your trail at Ghandi Chowk to reach this house.

There are few signs that point towards “Everest Point Restaurant”. It is the correct way. The house is just another thirty minutes or so, from here. Another half an hour will be required to reach the Everest Point top. It takes around 1 ½ hours to two hours to reach Everest House from Mussoorie. Since no public transport is available, you need to reserve taxis.

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