Plumbing Problems

While living in an average household the likely possibility of any plumbing problems is at least once or twice a year (unless you’re not hosting house parties every weekend).

By typing in “plumber near me” on Google you will find a list of plumber information near you, or try fixing the plumbing problems yourself while impressing the lady of your home.

However, keep in mind that a licensed plumber will know exactly what to do and how to do it, which is why you will be handed over an invoice upon completion of a job.

Let’s discuss six plumbing problems that you can personally solve without hiring a plumber in your area, and save a lot of money eventually.

Clogging drain water

You will possibly notice that the bathtub isn’t drying up as fast as it once did, or is making a gurgling noise every time you take off the seal after showers.

This is the red signal for possible drain blockage. The common reasons could be hair or soap bits blocking the shower drain while obstructing the water flow.

Fortunately, with a wire hanger the blockage could be removed, however, kitchen drains require boiling water for cutting through the buildup of vegetable peels combined with animal fat.

If you have a clogged toilet, you can unclog a toilet without a plunger easily. Though sometimes finding the root cause of a drain blockage could get a bit confusing and that is when a professional plumber should be called in.

Constantly running toilet

A running toilet is not only annoying but it contributes to the escalating water bills as well.

In addition, it will cause the main water supply to run out more frequently compared to other days; as a result, you will begin to notice a significant rise in the water bill at the end of every month.

First and foremost, you need to find out the exact source of leakage and then work accordingly.

In case of a running toilet, simply take off its cistern lid and check if the chain connecting the flushing valve is in place or not.

Usually, with time the chain wears off due to rust causing them to eventually snap during freezing temperatures.

Dripping faucets/taps

A dripping faucet is the result of either prolonged usage or improper installation of a tap. Faucets will drip away water ceaselessly if the washer inside it corrodes.

Although innocuous, each drip could result in hundreds or thousands of gallons of water by the end of a year.

The problem can be solved single-handedly but you need to have all the right tools available; otherwise, putting the faucet back in its form could be confusing and time-consuming.

Dysfunctional water heater system

Being a sufferer of dysfunctional water heater system I can quite imagine how torturous it can get right after stepping into the shower only to feel icy cold shards piercing through your skin at massive rates!

There could be multiple reasons like the pilot malfunctioning or excess formulation of sediment; therefore, making the water heater temporarily dysfunctional.

Oftentimes, the thermostat will have to be replaced if it can no longer heat water.

Regardless of the size of the issue, it is advised to seek help from a professional plumber unless the pilot needs to be relit.

Pipe leakage

Another seemingly harmless plumbing problem similar to a dripping faucet, except this could lead to excessive dampness and eventually invite in our not so favorite cockroaches.

Mostly, the leaks are observed at the pipe joints in which cases, tapes or fillers could be a temporary fix.

These leaks are commonly observed during the winters when water freezes to cause the liquid to expand, and eventually cracks the pipe.

To avoid this, let the water drip away through the faucet, even the slightest of drips will prevent the pipes from becoming ice, and crack.

In case you’ve been noticing water pools forming up frequently on the floors, then check the pipes in case any of them have started overflowing.

Congested garbage disposal chamber

It is needless to mention how gravely important it is to have a functioning garbage disposal system. But hey, we never learn from our mistakes and end up stacking solid wastes inside which eventually destabilise the disposal chamber.

In such a case, the first thing to do would be to press the “Reset” button. If that doesn’t work then you have to dismantle the device using the key that came along inside its package.

Otherwise, with a ¼ Allen wrench, the motor inside should be taken out for cleaning.

3 General rules of plumbing

  • Turn off the main water supply before trying out any repairing process.
  • Having the right set of tools available is as equally important as having primary knowledge of plumbing.
  • Keep a plumber’s number with you whom you can call any moment for repairs, or simply type in “plumber near me” to choose from Google listing.

The six plumbing problems we have mentioned above are some of the most commonly occurring problems; besides, I am quite sure about you to experience them at times. I hope this read has been a productive read for you.

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