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It is very tough to make your business exist today, let alone set it on an upward growth curve if it does not have a web presence. So you have to create a website about it so that people can know about it.

The minute you research the various web hosting options, you will be amazed to see the plethora of choices. There are companies galore baying for your attention and, as a newbie, you might find it difficult to come to a decision.

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Solutions simplified

There are three types of web hosting options. These are:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting

Now all of these have differences, along with pros and cons. So let us first understand the differences between these three.

Shared Hosting

This is the most basic of the lot. Shared hosting plans are low-priced and include only elementary features. This is more famous among beginners since they are just starting and do not want to invest far too much at the very beginning.

For hosting their website, they usually go for shared hosting since it is the cheapest hosting solution. You would have to share a main physical server with all its resources with several other accounts of this type.

So you can see that while this feature makes it affordable, it also makes it unappealing since that kind of sharing brings along many problematic issues like bad neighbors, etc.

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

Moving on from shared hosting, most businesses outgrow this option when they start getting bigger and bigger, and their websites start getting more hits.

Then, they are left with no choice but to move on to the next rung VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting. After all, shared hosting, while inexpensive, can take a website just so far.

Many consider VPS Hosting to be the bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. There is a division of servers at play here too. The web host virtually divides or configures the server into various accounts.

Each of these accounts has its dedicated share of server resources. This makes it easier to manage your account since no other site can utilize more than its share. VPS Hosting offers its clients complete root access.

They can configure their virtual server just like they would be able to do with an actual server. It also gives your site a much higher capacity, boosted security, and better customer support. The VPS option is best for average websites.

Some examples are media-heavy sites, simple ecommerce websites, etc. But all these benefits do not mean this type of hosting is without its drawbacks. A big con is that the client does not get full control of vital server functions, making it difficult to manage their site easily.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is not a viable option for businesses that are still blooming since it is an expensive proposition. In this option, there is one main, physical server that serves just one account.

All the server resources are allocated to that account only, and there is no sharing of resources with any other account. This is considered to be the best solution for traffic-heavy sites.

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