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Have you ever wondered why you need to swap your summer tyres for winter-friendly tyres? The cold weather tyres are made of thick natural rubber components that give them a cushiony structure.

While summer tyres tend to harden below 7 degrees Celsius, the cold weather tyres or winter tyres are equipped with exclusive rubber compound for good flexibility, even if the temperature dips below 7 degree Celsius. When you face cold conditions like snow or ice, it is time to procure special protection vehicle tyres that do not skid or get damaged on the roads.

Let us study some of the reasons when you require winter tyres:

  • You are living in a country where winter tyres are compulsory
  • The locality where you live often experiences harsh winters with sub degree temperatures
  • You live in a remote area and you may be cut off during extreme snowfall
  • You tend to use your vehicle frequently during the cold weather

Even though cold weather tyres are not mandatory in the UK, you need to be careful and take adequate safety precautions. These tyres provide best road grips, even in snowy or icy weather. During heavy snowfall, the winter tyres fill their groove area with compact snow for the perfect snow grip. They also help to disperse water and assist in handling the car expertly in difficult slippery roads. They provide finest road safety in the cold. They are flexible, more durable than summer tyres and a worthy investment for your vehicle.

M+S and Snowflake Symbols
Vehicles with cold weather tyres can be easily spotted by the two peculiar symbols that their tyres carry. One is the M+S symbol that stands for mud and snow with tread pattern tyres. M+S offers expert handling of the car in slush, mud, and snow; it also has better braking ability. This specific symbol can be seen on both all-season tyres and winter tyres.

The snowflake symbol is highlighted with a three-peak mountain snowflake design. This symbol also signifies that the tyres are fit to drive on snow and has passed a specific performance test for driving on cold snow-filled roads, under the EU government regulation.

Premium, Mid-Range and Budget Tyres
If you want good durable tyres at reasonable rates, then you need to make an online search for branded, mid-range, and budget vehicle tyres. Best quality premium tyres such as Continental or Dunlop give a quality performance and are built to last long. You can buy top-class cold weather tyres that are made to drive on rough, slushy and stony surfaces.

Mid-range tyres are also produced by manufacturers who make premium tyres. However, mid-range tyres are made with different types of materials, to make them more affordable. Budget tyres are made with cheaper materials and the manufacturers are not very popular. Due to low-quality, they are cheaper than premium and mid-range ones.

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