Pre Wedding Responsibilities

It’s really happening and pleasing when you get to know that your friend is getting engaged, and she asked you to be a part of her wedding and you should realize Pre Wedding Responsibilities of your own.

It’s even grateful when your friend asks you to be the maid of honor or take the responsibilities of all the wedding events which come under the maid of honor.

The bride becomes so much puzzled once the date of engagement has been announced as she has to focus on most of the wedding arrangements.

In the wedding culture, bridal party’s role is prominent as these people are more involved in the whole process; no doubt the groom’s party is also important.

But most of the event takes place after the bridal party. During different ceremonies, the bridesmaids have several tasks and duties allocated to them, so the bride can stay hassle free.

Being asked to be a maid of honor at wedding is not only an honor but also it’s a huge responsibility that has to be followed carefully.

Top 4 Pre Wedding Responsibilities

The maid of honor, that means you are going to be her right hand while getting her ready to taking her to the wedding aisle runner. The maid of honor plans for the entire wedding process.

You may be thinking there is enough time for the wedding ceremony; there are still some important things to check out your to do list. If you find yourself confused anywhere then you can ask your bride and discuss every doubt with them.

Here we are listing down the important and meaningful tasks that have to be done by the maid of honor.

#1. Talk to the bride prior to the wedding

Every task and event has specific time at which these have to be performed. There are some events and tasks’ responsibility that the maid of honor should carry out on her friend’s special day.

But the bride is expecting your time and company so you can also join her for pre-wedding activities like planning the bachelorette, pre wedding shower, joining her for shopping, attending dress fittings, meeting the vendors with bride, hiring designers for the event as well as wedding card.

So, it’s your duty to ask the bride that what she is exacting from you prior to the wedding.

#2. Begin your saving

Being a maid of honor, the bride is expecting you in all the wedding events. So it’s not cheap to strive in the ceremony either its engagement party or rehearsal dinner. So it’s a great idea to begin with the saving so you don’t run out of money at the day of wedding.

#3. Be in touch with other bridesmaids and guide them

Plan a meeting and send e-mail to all the bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party. So you can get a chance to meet everyone. It’s a great idea to know each other well for a successful event.

#4. Meet bride’s mom too

Give your assistance to the bride’s mom, you can call her and plan a meeting for the bridal shower.

Assist other people too, because they can come to you and ask several questions about everything from important events to registries. So help them out with a pleasing smile.

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