Professional Certifications

It is safe to say that the largest impact of globalization has been upon international trading of goods and services, with markets from all over the globe relying upon each other to continue operations, scope of activity, and for growth.

Global businesses have been carefully structuring themselves in a manner that allows them to streamline their responsibilities, roles and priorities, and standing out in such an environment is considered to be a very hard task.

It is important for professionals in this day and age to have their horizons tested past their foundational training.

In the current business atmosphere, certifications often act as a “trial by fire” for many of its candidates before they take their careers to the next level it acts as a mark of distinction that demonstrates one’s level of expertise and commitment to professional development.

They play a huge role in setting individuals apart, especially within their own field as their skills and experience tend to develop a little differently.

Most employers are on the lookout for such professionals who may contribute towards their responsibilities with a greater capacity for results alongside greater scope, and as such the professional also experiences a significant rise in their own pay.

The candidate is also able to have access to career paths they would not have been able to pursue earlier due to their lack of training. The process of acquiring a certification depends upon the needs of the candidate and the kind of hard work they are willing to put in to either specialize or diversify their professional potentials.

Here are some of the world-class certification which help your career to the next level-

Six Sigma Certification

For those associated in process improvement projects, this set of programs provides professionals with world-class methodologies to improve the quality of the product output and its delivery.

This is done by providing solutions to minimizing process defects and inconsistencies in quality. Six Sigma provides a highly stratified series of programs that allow candidates to opt for one that is appropriate for their qualifications and experience.

Talent Management Institute

Talent Management Institute provides standards, credentials, knowledge, initiatives, and networks to lead the charge on the much-needed revolution of the methods in which organizations leverage their human capital for enduring growth and success.

Talent Management Institute (TMI) looks to go much beyond merely fueling 21st century HR through Talent Management; it is working at making this emerging discipline the new engine for organizations’ bold march into the future and integration appears to be the watchword of the hour as companies begin to transition towards a more qualitative approach toward business goals by being one of the top HR certifications to exist anywhere around the globe.


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members in more than 165 countries.

HR professionals who implement policies and strategies, serve as point of contact for staff and stakeholders, deliver HR services, and perform operational HR functions, should take the SHRM-CP exam.

Among the best HR certifications program in the world, it allows significant experience in management on the HR side of things.

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