ranikhet honeymoon

Are you wondering where to go for your honeymoon? Do both you and your partner love the hills a lot? Well then a very nice place that you can consider going to is Ranikhet. This is a small and quiet hill station in Uttarakhand.

The Kumaon regiment of the Indian Army is posted here and hence this cantonment town is maintained by the Army itself, making it spick and span and not to mention really beautiful. If you are looking for a nice place to stay here, then you can always opt for a Ranikhet resort which will make your stay all the more exciting and comfortable.

Ways to reach Ranikhet for Honeymoon Trip

Ranikhet is a pretty well connected hill station, particularly when you are travelling from any other major metropolitan of the country. You can either fly or take bus or a train to Ranikhet.

While there are direct buses to Ranikhet, when you decide to fly to this hill station your flight will land at Pant nagar which is the airport that is the closest, from where you can take a car and drive up to the hill station.

When travelling by a train you will have to get down at Kathgodam and then again take a car from there. Ranikhet is only 360kms away from Delhi, so if you want to infuse the adventure spirit of a long drive in your honeymoon, then you can hire a car and drive from the capital to this cantonment town.

Getting your honeymoon hotel reservations

When it comes to booking a hotel at Ranikhet for your honeymoon, make sure that you splurge a little and stay somewhere fancy, like a resort, so that you can enjoy the view of the mountains from your room. Do check for reviews online so that you can be double sure that the place that you are making reservations in is a good one.

Sites to visit when on your honeymoon

Honeymoon is a time when you need to spend some time with each other and get to know each other better. Well if you are thinking about your honeymoon then you look for places that are quiet and beautiful and not so crowded. Ranikhet has a few spots which are ideal for that. Do visit the Bhalu Dam, which is an artificial lake that is located near the Chaubatia Gardens.

It is surrounded by a dense forest on all sides making it a really quiet and peaceful setting. If you want to spend a day picnicking with your loved one, then you can book a car and travel to Majkhali. It is only 12kms away from Ranikhet and you can enjoy a good time here.

Do visit the Upat Golf course once since it is the highest golf course in Asia and is located very near Ranikhet making it very convenient to visit. Apart from this you can also pray at the Haidikan and Jhula Devi temple once, since these are considered to really auspicious.

So, when it comes to planning for your honeymoon, Ranikhet is a really lovely option!