car bumper dent

No matter how safely you drive, it is not always possible to avoid dents on your 2004 ford excursion rear bumper. Taking your car in the body garage can be very expensive, especially if the dents are only minor.

Bumper dents on your car’s rims have the advantage of being located on parts that can be easily removed from the vehicle. While these methods will fix the dentures themselves, you may need to get the paint on the bumpers repaired if dents are more severe.

How To Repair a Dummy Bumper

Repair Dummy Bumper

#1. Remove the bumper: As your exact bumper is removed depends on the brand and the model of the vehicle. When taking off the bumper, keep track of where the screws come from so you can put them back properly late.

#2. Place a bumper on a napkin so that the inside facing up. The towel will help the bumper still prevent any scratches.

#3. Heat the damped area with a hair dryer or a heat gun for about 1 minute.

#4. Wear a pair of protective gloves: Put a couple of pieces of dry ice in the bumpy section of the bumper. Dry ice will force the bumper to get back into shape without damaging the paint.

#5. Replace your bumper: Be sure to put all the screws in place.

How To Repair a Dumb Rim

#1. Activate the parking brake of the car. Loosen nuts on the cover with an English wrench, but do not remove them.

#2. Lift the vehicle so that the tire with the damaged rim is on the ground. Check with the manual of your car to find the correct position for placing the jack. Remove the nuts then pull the free wheel out of the vehicle.

#3. Place the tire on a flat surface with the cap facing up. Unscrew the valve stem and leave the air out of the tire. Break the heel around the tire waving a tire iron or the lever under the the tire. Break the heel around the tire waving a tire iron on the lever under the tire edge and force it from the rim. Leave the first iron in place and start working the rest of the heel with a second one.Pull the lip removed over the rim of the wheel, dragging the other side as well. Use a jack to help force the tire out of the rim.

#4. Select a body hammer that best suits the shape of the tooth.Insert a cart on the outer surface of the rim on the tooth. Tap the hammer against the bite, the metal does not bend too far outward.

#5. Replace the tire. Reverse the process used to remove the tire to replace it on the rim. You will need to fill the tire with the air before being reinstalled on your vehicle.

There are many bumpers in the market those are too costly to be replaced like the 2005 ford excursion rear bumper. The bumpers are hard to buy when you are low on credit. Hence you can follow these techniques to remove the dents in the bumper.