Resize Video App Review

Web Do you want to resize your videos and change their size and aspect ratio completely? If it is all new to you that can be easier said than done, and you could end up with a poor quality video that looks stretched.

As much as learning how to resize videos can appear daunting – it does not have to be. In fact there is a simple app to resize video that you can use in the form of the Resize Video app by resize video web app.

What is the Resize Video Web App

Simply put the resize video web app is an online tool that performs a singular function: It resizes videos. It is not a full-fledged editor, nor does it perform any other task apart from that.

While this may seem a bit limited, it is actually part of what makes the app so unique. It provides a streamlined approach that is designed solely to ensure that you are able to resize your videos effectively.

That makes it easy to use and will enable you to resize your videos in a fraction of the time that it would take otherwise.

Resize Video Tools

How To Work the Resize Video Web App?

If you want to resize a video using the resize video web app, you can just open the website in your browser. Once you do it will just take a few steps:

#1. Select the video

To get started you will need to select the video that you want to resize. The ‘Choose Files’ button along with the other icons that are displayed front and center can be used to select a video file on your device, or use one from Google Drive, Dropbox or other online sources.

#2. Set the resize parameters

Next up you need to specify the manner in which you want to resize your video. In the resize video web app you can select one of the convenient presets for the aspect ratio that you want to use, and whether or not you want to crop the video to fit into it.

Additionally you can fine tune the zoom and position of the video relative to the frame, and select the background color for the letterbox or pillarbox – if applicable.

#3. Resize and download the video

If you’re satisfied with how the video looks in the Preview area, you can click on the ‘Resize’ button to start processing it. After it is done you will be able to download the video to your device or transfer it over to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Overall the entire process shouldn’t take any more than a few minutes, and by the time you’re done your video will have been successfully resized.


By now you should be starting to see just how useful the resize video web app can be. Its lack of functionality is used to its advantage, and allows it to ensure that it is as straightforward as possible.

All in all if you want a way that you can resize your videos and prepare them to be uploaded to social media, or optimized for certain screen sizes – you can’t go wrong with the resize video web app.