Grilled Seafood Platter

Tagine, Fish chermoula, Harira, Kefta tagine, Couscous, Makouda, Zaalouk, and B’stilla are the Best and most Popular Foods in Morocco.

Here I have explained the Top 3 Sea Foods of Morocco. Morocco is known for its tasty cuisine made with fresh produce and an array of spices that make all of your senses tingle and come alive.

As the country is situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, many of the country’s restaurants serve up several deliciously fresh seafood options that both locals and travelers can indulge in, in addition to the copious amount of traditional food and other options available too.

We will explore three restaurants in different parts of Morocco that are known for their delicious seafood, giving you a good idea of where to eat while in Morocco.

Seafood Restaurants Morocco

Sel De Mer at Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, El Jadida

Located on the first floor of the Gran Riad at the glorious and luxurious beach resort in Morocco, Sel De Mer seafood restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere with an ocean setting and cool and calming blue décor.

With a menu filled with fresh fish and other seafood options that can be grilled to perfection on their large barbecue grill.

The restaurant’s menu has an array of delightful desserts made with sorbets and fresh fruits, which are the perfect way to end your delightful experience at the restaurant.

In addition to the delicious food on offer, live bands play music and entertain guests throughout the evening to ensure a completely mesmerizing and unforgettable night to remember.

Some of the delicious dishes on their menu include local oysters in Les huitres de Oualidia, Linguine au pistou & gambas (prawns linguini & pesto sauce), and the catch of the day.

Populaire Saveur de Poisson, Tangier

A small ‘hole-in-the-wall-feel’ seafood restaurant that undoubtedly packs a punch, PopulaireSaveur de Poisson is a charming restaurant that offers a set menu filled with delicious eats in rustic, authentic surroundings.

Serving up the best, most authentic, and most affordable food, those who choose to give this restaurant a chance will not be disappointed.

Not to be seen as a typical meal but a whole experience worth every penny, the owner of the restaurant serves up a set, four-course meal that consists of fish soup, followed by different plates filled with fresh catch, olives, and warm, homemade bread.

The meal is accompanied by homemade juice cocktails made with 15 different kinds of fresh fruits and finished with dessert consisting of honey ad almonds.

Everything is made with only the freshest of ingredients, the staff are friendly giving service with a smile, and when you visit it is good to know there is no booking system you will have to wait in line, however, the wait will be well worth it.

Cote Court, Agadir

Situated at the Royal Tennis Club, Cote Court is a grand and fancy restaurant housed in a welcoming, leafy outdoor area with a half-chichi garden and half-nomad camp.

It is the perfect place to retreat for some much-needed peace and delicious lunch or dinner with friends or family.

At night, the area is lit up with lights in the trees, beautiful rustic basket lamps, and the light of the pizza oven giving a nice, warm, and welcoming glow.

Cote Court’s menu has an array of unusual dishes that include calamari risotto with chorizo chips and a wide selection of eats (including steak, pizza, and more) for both adults and children that will satisfy all expectations and tastes.

Indulge in some delicious seafood while on holiday by visiting one or more of the restaurants mentioned above, and you won’t regret it!

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