Word Count in Copywriting

As a digital copy writer your foremost aim should to be to increase the number of your audiences. No one will help you promote your brand and understand the details that your readers are looking for. There are several facets that includes the creation of a successful content and you are the best comprehend what is best for your writing.

When your audience realizes that your post resolves their problem, they will share it so others can see it and possibly apply the concepts themselves. Social media is a breeding ground for viral activity, so make sure you take advantage of the platform’s ability to boost your exposure.

Enhance your content’s authority

Ensure that your content is lengthy and solid adequately to be effective. Shorter posts shall only do the cut if they are effective enough and has a certain level of standard. If your post adequately answers a question, then your post may eventually become an authority on the subject. When this happens, your content may be used as a source for additional articles. These pieces shall provide links to your content, boosting your search rank because of higher traffic from the website. Make wordcounttool.com (Link removed because this is a fraud company, who did not paid us for job we did for them) your foremost step towards successful content writing that will help you not only boost your word count but also the quality of the content.

Keep your readers engaged

A successful writer manages to maintain their audience until the last word. However, with the shift of technology, this becomes a much more difficult feat. Most readers will come to a page and if it doesn’t match what they are looking for, they will leave to find information elsewhere. This is known as “bounce rate” and can significantly hurt your site’s rankings.

Brief posts shall keep your audiences engrossed for a long amount of time, if it is well-crafted. While the longer posts shall draw in your audience for  a much lengthier visit to your website making your content more solid.

Google will note how long your visitors stay on your page to gauge future rankings. Sites with lots of traffic that linger are rewarded with higher rankings, while pages that have a high bounce rate are much lower.

Impress Your Readers, Not Just Google

When you are planning to exceed your word count just to impress Google, the results will not be as fair as when you actually try to enhance the quality of the content for your readers. There are many broad ranges of word limits and the word count shall depend on the topic you are writing about. You will need to be aware about exactly how much of data will craft a solid piece.

It is possible to effectively convey your point in four-hundred and fifty words, while other subjects require much more research and information to sufficiently discuss a topic. Besides, you will need to set a word count limit that will work best for the expectations of your reader. It is also necessary to keep them engaged in your content.

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