SMC junction box

SMC junction boxes are a necessary precaution in offices and homes. Leakage of current due to poor earthing and conduction of electricity is a common reason for electrocution, fires, accidents, and deaths.

Therefore, SMC junction boxes are designed to contain the wiring junction to connect with the main power supply.

Though it is mostly regarded as a practical device to ensure safety and security to the residential or public building occupants, it also provides a solution to a dangerous tangled bunch of wires.

This article talks about a junction box’s features, uses, and types.

Features of SMC Junction Box

Junction boxes prevent electrical junctions from exposure to weathering elements. They are made of quality grade metal or hard plastic, square or rectangular design.

It comes with a door at the box front, allowing one to access the interior. The quality grade material thus ensures the best performance and long life.

In addition, it protects the interior from dust, water, and debris and is also resistant to corrosion. Junction boxes are most commonly found in homes, factories, commercial offices, and factories, and they are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs as needed.

Advantages of an SMC Junction Box

#1. Corrosion-free

Junction boxes are made from quality material and are resistant to corrosion, rotting, or rusting. They are also resistant to insect damage and termite attacks, making them extremely durable.

They are fire retardant and can withstand a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius without deformation. In addition, they are hundred percent weatherproof and thus require little to no maintenance for a long period.

#2. Shock-proof

Junction boxes can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy rains, and fluctuating voltage.

#3. Easy installation

Who can easily install junction boxes into the wall or outside? If you’re installing a junction box outside, it is recommended to use a weatherproof option for extra protection.

The door is at the box front, which allows the user to access the interior.

#4. Safety measures

The junction box helps contain sparks in the rare case of an overloaded junction box. This prevents contact with combustible elements and accidental fires.

Most junction boxes also come with a safety switch that allows you to shut down the connections in an emergency.

#5. Long shelf life

The lifespan of a junction can last decades. They require no coating or extra protection, though the wiring needs to be upgraded to accommodate additional junctions or larger cables.

The original wiring usually remains in good condition, and there is no need to replace the entire box, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Tamper-proof design

Junction boxes come with special protection to prevent manipulation. They restrict unauthorized tapping, and a professional will realize if the box has been tampered with.

Many junction boxes also come with full-seam welding, a burglar alarm system, front and rear lid tamper switches, and tamper-proof screws as safety measures.

Different Types of SMC Junction Box

There are several SMC junction boxes in the market for specific purposes as follows:

  • Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Wiring Junction Boxes
  • Electric Junction Boxes
  • Plastic Junction Boxes
  • Cable Junction Boxes
  • Plastic Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Weatherproof junction boxes
  • Flameproof junction boxes

It is important to get in touch with a reliable provider for the perfect SMC junction box for your home. Once installing it, look up the guide for its care and maintenance to make your junction box last for years.

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