There is hardly any person who likes to visit dentists because the very look of the dental clinic is scary. Nowadays, dentists fool our mind by using in their dental office designs which can make us feel cosy and welcoming. Most dental graduates aim to practice and they need to have a dental office. Opening and designing a dental office can be an overwhelming task. Interior Dental designs need to be such that a patient is not scared by the look of the clinic. The location of the dental office will play an important role but the interior designs are equally important.

Patients today are demanding more pleasing environment. A good dental office design can thus act as marketing their services. Use of new and sophisticated design and technology can prove to be really helpful. The dentist must anticipate future technological advancement while he plans for dental office design.

How to Choose Best Dental Office Design 

A good dental office design needs good investment. To build, upgrade and expand a dental office design needs careful planning and thoughts. The interior space needs a lot of attention. Plan your design and space for the dental office keeping following in your mind-

#1 Planning- Depending upon the operatories you will need, you can decide that how much space will be required to purchase or lease. You need to think about other rooms you’ll need like the X-ray room, reception area, sterilisation area etc. The kind of and a number of tools and equipment you’ll be using will also need to be considered and are crucial in determining your space needs.

#2 Reception Area- This is the front desk area looking at which the patient may unconsciously base opinion and rate the value of your dental clinic. Thus, it is important that reception area must be inviting. A reception area which is spacious and open is always good. It should look less like a clinic and more like a dental office. This will be welcoming for patients who fear to come to dentists. Use of appropriate colours, wall designs, lighting may help in setting the patients’ mood. Good reading material and educational brochures to educate the patient about oral health is a good idea.

#3 Multi-functional Treatment Rooms- Try to ensure that all the treatment rooms are of the same size, has the same equipment and has the same layout. This will ensure maximum efficiency in your work also. This is because a dentist will be able to perform his service in any treatment room. The treatment room should also be spacious. There should be no hindrance due to equipment while you and your staff move around. Plumbing requirements also need to be proper to consider infection control needs. If you have a limited space, use it optimally by specialized layouts.

#4 Sterilisation and Storage Area- In dental office design plan, these areas should be considered. For effective management and increased efficiency, it is important to place scrub sink, ultrasonic cleaners and sterilisation equipment logically. Usually, counter shape in a sterilisation area is U- shaped or L – shaped l. Items can be stored efficiently by providing sufficient space for storage. They should be easily accessible. This ensures productivity and decreases the chances of cross contamination.

Functions, accessibility of key areas and aesthetics need to be considered while designing a dental office. The dental design clinic must be accessible to patients and staff with disabilities as well. Thus, it becomes important that the floor of the office area should also be adequate.  You can also consult a dental equipment manufacturer for the floor plan.