Social Media Advertising

Nobody can dispute that social media is the best platform through which a brand can reach Generation Z (iGeneration) and millennia.

95% of all adults between 18 and 34 are more likely to consider buying from an approved brand on the social platform they use.

When it comes to Social Media Advertising, you can always consider it paid social media marketing. It offers an excellent return on investment with a minimum of expenses.

This is a good read for small and medium businesses and startups that do not have the financial means to set up a massive campaign.

How To Set Up Social Media Advertising For Success

In this spirit, Julia Vashneva, the expert Semalt, looks at tips for getting the most out of your social media campaign on a budget.

#1. Do tests

In military circles, there is what is called aggressive screening. This is a tactic in which a battalion sends a small group to measure the enemy.

You can use aggressive scouting in your campaign, but you would sacrifice your resources instead of sending troops.

By putting your money in different areas, you come to determine which one has a better return on investment.

#2. Choose the appropriate network

The different target groups have different demographic characteristics. For example, young people aged 25 to 34 use Facebook more often. However, this represents only 29.7% of all users.

Interestingly, Facebook users are mostly women, with 77% of them using the site compared to 66% of all men. If you integrate YouTube into the image, the statistics are a bit different.

Here, women represent only 38% of users, the rest being male. In addition, more than 50% of all views were done on a tablet or handheld, making it ideal for targeting mobile users.

You would be surprised to see that only 9% of SMEs use social media to present their brand with all these numbers. As such, you can get a benefit on end with something very simple.

So, If you create Facebook ad based on these data, Your ads campaign will have the maximum success ratio compared to ordinary marketing campaigns.

#3. Find the right time to share content

Now that you’ve identified the right people, it’s important to determine when to share the content.

Some experts recommend doing it mid-week, preferably between 1 and 3. Regarding Twitter, the timing is different: tweeps are active between 9 am and 3 pm.

#4. Learn how to plan

While it can be difficult to determine when your network is active due to different time zones and other factors, you can never go wrong if you plan your messages perfectly.

So take a notebook and dedicate it to planning your tweets, blogs, videos, and other relevant information. You can even automate the process using plugins.

#5. Deliver on quality

Semalt With all the rest, the success of your social media campaign comes down to one thing: the quality of the content displayed.

Do not disappoint. Publish content that adds value to your crop of potential and current customers, something they would have to share.

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