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Warning, this article may contain spoilers for Stargirl Seasons One and Stargirl Season 2.

Fans have been waiting for confirmation on Eclipso since the startling season one finale, where Shiv finds the stone containing the evil supervillain.

Since episode one of season two is underway, it is little wonder that Eclipso makes his first appearance as the new Stargirl nemesis.

Here is a rundown of what he’s all about for those who do not already know all about this evil member of the ISA or Injustice Society of America.

Who is Eclipso in Stargirl Season 2?

The problem is that no one exactly knows. Played by Nick Taraby, Eclipso, for now, is a blue mist inside of the DC Universe’s famous Heart of Darkness, a black diamond and possesses anyone who comes in contact with him.

According to comicverse legend, he is the exact opposite of good. He is an ancient god who personifies vengeance and corruption. Not much is ever mentioned about his exact appearance other than the blue mist in the gemstone.

He uses the flaws of others against them to feed off of their misery and darkness. Yes, he’s a pretty bad guy. He’s made appearances across the DC universe in the comics, with his story changing a little bit every time.

Geoff Johns, the creator of Stargirl, has been extremely tight-lipped about his version of the infamous villain, and Johns did open up a bit at Comic-Con.

What Are Elcipso’s Powers?

Although each version is slightly different, the consensus is that Elcipso is very similar to the god of wrath. He is super strong, super fast, flies, and is immortal.

Along with all of that, he is also super smart and can shoot rays of dark light from one or both of his eyes. In some versions, he shoots dark light out of one and black light out of the other.

If that is not bad enough, he’s been trapped inside the Heart of Darkness for no one knows how long and is bound to be extremely hungry.

As mentioned early, he feeds off the very darkest parts of people. All of this is bound to make an impressive first appearance.

In some versions, he can also manipulate weather, creating natural disasters at will. To top it all off, he carries an unbreakable sword.

How much of this will make it into the CW version of Stargirl is anyone’s guess. It seems that Stargirl’s season two is going all out on the show’s villain side after focusing mainly on the heroes in season one.

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