Storage Solutions For Kids' Toys

If only having kids does not come with stepping on Lego pieces, going home to a messy house without We need the Storage Solutions For Kids’ Toys, or having the need to pick up toys and put them in their proper place every single day, you may think the world might be a better place.

We need the best Storage Solutions For Kids’ Toys. We are not sure about that, but we are sure that you will feel more relaxed and stress-free if only your kids’ toys are in their proper place.

Kids are still young and are still learning about different things. This is why it is normal for them to be messy.

Storage Solutions For Kids’ Toys

The good news is that you can teach and help them manage their staff by having fun ways to store it. Here’s how:

#1. Use toy hammocks

Little kids love stuffed animals. We, too, prefer stuffed animals because they are safer than other toys which kids can swallow. Stuffed animals are also safe because they are soft and will avoid any accidents with kids.

But, with this comes the problems that we have about how we can efficiently store our kids’ favourite animal friends. These days, a good trend is also installing a stuffed animal hammock in your kids’ room or playroom.

#2. Stack old crates

Before taking all those old creates for the garbage truck to take, why not check if you can still reuse them as a storage bin for your kids’ toys? You can stack your old crates and lay them out on their side.

You can even customize these crates further to suit your kids’ tastes or to suit the interior of the room. You can paint these and add decorations that will appeal to your younglings!

#3. Opt for clear storage bins

Do you notice your kid rummage through their toy bins one by one and take out more toys? This happens when they cannot find that one item they are looking for. It even happens the same with us, grown-ups.

This is why when it comes to storage bins, especially for kids, choosing transparent storage bins is a good choice. A transparent bin makes it easier for them to look for the toys and items that they need. In addition, you can put art supplies, small toy pieces, and more!

#4. Place dolls in hanging shoe organizers

Are your kids’ dolls just sloppily piled in their dollhouses? Some find it harder to store dolls because improper storing may make you or your kid mess up their doll’s hair or make their faces dirty.

Our solution? Could you put them in hanging shoe organizers? If you have old hanging shoe organizers, you can hang them in your kids’ room or playroom and let them put their dolls in each pocket.

This way, Who will take their dolls care of. They can also easily see which doll they will play with.

#5. Color-code your Lego containers

Now, we will deal with our nemesis, the Lego blocks. Lego blocks are relatively easier to store because of their tiny pieces. It is only a matter of how we can efficiently store them.

When you store your kids’ Lego blocks in a single container, all the blocks are mixed up inside. This will make your kid dig deeper and deeper and take out other blocks just for them to look for the block they want.

For a more efficient storage solution, you can separate Lego blocks and put them in different containers. Group them by colour, so your kid will find it easier to play with their Lego.

#6. Set up stuffed toy ropes

Did you love stuffed animal hammocks? If you did, you would also love installing stuffed toy ropes! This can also be a good way to store your kids’ stuffed toys. Animal ropes are easy to install, too!

All you need to do is to hang a rope on the ceiling. Then, with a clothespin, you can clip your kids’ stuffed toys on the rope. This will look like an array of stuffed toys lined vertically.

Your kids will also find it easy to find the stuffed toy they are looking for. More than this, stuffed toy ropes can also be a good decoration for your kids’ playroom.

#7. Reuse clear jars

Using clear storage bins, you can also reuse clear jars and place your kids’ stuff in there. The best stuff to put in here are glitters, pompoms, popsicle sticks, and other art supplies.

Clear jars offer a uniform and organized way of storing your kids’ art supplies. You can also see how much stuff your kids have, which will help you avoid duplicates.

#8. Choose furniture with storage

Surely, you will be purchasing more furniture pieces for your growing child’s room or playroom.

To save up space in the most efficient way, try investing in furniture pieces that also have storage spaces, like bed frames with storage or benches that can also serve as storage bins.

These types of furniture pieces now come in different styles that will suit the interior of your kids’ room! Here, they can put toys or any other belongings they have.

#9. Maximize your vertical space

Storing things on the floor can make your kids’ room or playroom look cluttered. Try maximizing the space in your walls, too!

What you can do is install floating shelves and make it a small library. This way, bedtime readings will be easier. You can also put stuffed toys and other toys on floating shelves both for storage and decoration.

Teach your kids to organize!

Here are just some of the ideas we have for a fun and efficient storage solution for your kids’ toys. However, all these will be nothing if you do not teach your kids to tidy up after themselves.

Help your kids do this chore by tidying up their mess with them. Make it seem fun, and do not forget to always acknowledge their efforts. Kids love gratification, which is why it is not that difficult to teach them how to be organized if you properly guide them.

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