Submersible Flat Cables

As the name suggests, submersible flat cables are basically used deep under water or for passing water. The cables can be used as pump connections, in industries and also in marines.The multi-strand copper wires included in the submersible flat cables make it suitable for de-watering, naval pumps and mining. These are used to supply electricity to the submersible pump. Submersible flat cables can be classified as

  • 3 core flat cables are generally used for pumps and motors immersed deep under water.
  • Cables fabricated with aluminum which can protect the cables from ultraviolet or sun rays; have extraordinary electrical and thermal properties and provide zero halogen insulation.
  • PVC sheathed submersible flat cables which can absorb as much as 90 degrees of heat. This coat provides more power to the cables to operate for more time under water.

What makes submersible flat cables compatible for use under water?

Submersible flat cables are PVC insulated and come with a 3 core sheath

The layer protects the cables from water and grease which is important for a long life of the cables. The sheathing also provides additional mechanical strength to the cables. This means even when high pressured fluids like water is passed through these cables the chances of leakage, overflow or bursts is less.

These are cost effective

submersible flat cables are durable and rust free; the corrosion resistance property of submersible flat cable makes it apt for transferring hard water or in other words, water with high content of alkaline. This means there is less scope of wear and tear, less need of maintenance. Hence buying submersible flat cable is a one time investment with long time return.

The submersible flat cables are fire retardant

The PVC jacket keeps the cables insulated. This means using this kind of cables you can ensure a safe working environment for your workers. PVC emits less smoke. Hence even if there is a fire at the work place there will be less amount of smoke; often smoke becomes a major issue to the health of the victims rather than the fire.

The submersible flat cables are also highly conductive due to the use of cross linked polyethylene. The cables can conduct temperature as high as 130 degree centigrade and as low as 90 degree centigrade and comes with uniform resistance.

What are the criteria for choosing the best submersible flat cable?

The submersible flat cables should be selected based on the following criteria to get the best performance-

  • Compliant to IS 694.
  • Approved by FIA/ TAC.
  • Comes with high grade electrolyte material, like annealed copper.
  • Available in different lengths, as long as 100 meters.
  • These should also be available in many variants so that customers can get unique submersible flat cables for each use.

So in one word, get submersible flat cables which are flexible, power saving, tough and reliable; be it for domestic use or for agricultural pump sets, submersible flat cables is a good choice for any kind of need.

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Submersible Flat Cables: Best Cables For Your Water Connections 2