college students fashion

It is a commonly observed fact that student outfits can be a bit troublesome to put together. It is so because you want to look fashionable and cute at the same time. Student life is perhaps one of those phases where you can dress yourself up in a variety of outfits. With the onset of summer, you need to sport a dress which looks chic and comfortable at the same time. On the other hand, student life is that period where you have a little bit of financial constraint to spend money on clothes.

This is the reason that outfits the students need to be hardworking and comfortable at the same time. For the likes of students, keeping up with the latest fashion trends without burning a hole in their pockets might be the little bit difficult. However, there are ways with the help of which you can always mimic the latest fashion trends for this summer at a segment of the actual cost.

The latest inclination towards wearing metallics
You would be well aware of the fact that history repeats itself. The genre of fashion is no exception to this notion. As per the latest fashion trends, the inclination towards wearing metallics seem to cycle in every decade. Hence, it can be said this year; you can wear metallics without any doubt. Quite interestingly, a majority of prominent designers including Christian Dior and Tom Ford have included the trend of metallics in their summer 2018 outfit lines.

It is another top fashion trend which you should be on the lookout for summer 2018. Taking inspiration from the city of Paris also popularly known as the city of love, this fashion trend is crawling its way back in for this summer. Sequins also look great on any complexion, and this is the reason that they are currently garnering a considerable amount of popularity. Moreover, sequins can be styled with a versatile number of accessories which usually looks chic on any individual.



Bedazzled boots
Though summer is not the best time to sport boots as it would precipitate your feet, these bedazzled boots are currently hogging the limelight. A lot of fashion trends have come and gone but wearing bedazzled boots has never gone out of fashion. Moreover, this year these shiny trends are not limited to a specific period of time.

Styling Western wear with versatile accessories
The trend of western wear has become much common among the fashionistas. Quite a lot of students are wearing them to college and other educational institutes. However, as they have become common, it would not help you to hog the limelight. Hence, if you want to be the center of attention, opt for classy accessories that can be blended well with the western garments.

For instance, let’s take the example of the belt of the west. Since, quite a long time, these western belts are a popular staple accessory in every college girl’s wardrobe. Moreover, it is also a commonly observed fact that belts with large buckles are hugely becoming popular. This trend is also known as hardware.

Athleisure was quite popular last year and thanks to its innovativeness, it was received well by the fashion conscious individuals. Interestingly, it seems to be sticking around this year too. For those who are still lurking in the dark and struggling to find the exact meaning of Athleisure, it is a new phrase that is being used by fashion designers. It is a trend of sportswear that could also be worn in non-athletic environments.

You should also note that whether you are sporting shorts for work or dressing it merely for routine chores, it is accessible for the aspects of its practicality. It is that ease of wearing Athleisure which has made it an instant hit among the fashionistas.

In this context, it is important to note that this year; the trend of wearing Athleisure has been rendered a more retro look. In the latest summer collection of Lois Vuitton’s and Armani’s outfits, purples and bright pinks have been introduced that can stand out on the campus.

college students fashion

The athleisure trend would continue to top the list of fashion trends
Athleisure is also known by activewear. This trend has become so popular that it has carved a niche for itself in the domain of fashion designing. As per fashion designers, it has been garnering quite a lot of popularity which is good for the fashion industry. Interestingly, it has an assessed market size of nearly 50 billion dollars in the US. As per a survey conducted by the NPD Group, the rise in the sales of athleisure registered an increase of 16%.

The popularity of the athleisure trend
One of the primary reasons for this immense popularity of wearing activewear lies in the fact that it has been able to fill the void in the marketplace. The gap was in the form of stylish clothing which should be functional too. With the introduction of athleisure, both these aspects have been fulfilled. It is needless to say that activewear clothing is both stylish and functional.

As per a Harris Poll, around 75% of individuals prefer to spend on experiences than spending on material things. As athleisure is primarily worn for experience, a lot of individuals prefer to wear this outfit. In the coming years, a lot of technological advancements would be seen in the field of active wear in the form of a skirt that can be worn both for the purposes of workout and night out.