Munnar is a quiet hill town in Kerala located along the slopes of Western Ghats. Munnar is known for its tea plantations that make it a very prominent tourist hub in Kerala.

Munnar is one of the must-visit places in Kerala. The calmness and tranquil atmosphere of the region are enhanced by the scenic beauty offered by the grandeur of the Western Ghats.

The tea estates are surrounded by rolling hills and lush green plantations which not only enhances their beauty but also attracts tourist over the year. If you are keen on visiting Kerala, you should visit the tea estates of Munnar to make your trip memorable.

There are a lot of Kerala Tour Packages that offers a detailed tour of Munnar and its tea estates. There are over 50 tea estates in Munnar which are mostly owned by the TATA industries.

Some of the famous estates in Munnar are Harrison Malayala, Brooke Bond, AVT Tea among others. Munnar boasts the biggest centres for trading tea in India. Munnar exhibits some very interesting aspect of the famous tea plantation and growth along the splendid hill slopes of Kerala.

Things to do at the Tea Plantations

If your Kerala tour packages involve a trip to Munnar, then you are going to have a memorable experience. There are so many things you can while visiting a Tea Plantation like:

Visit the Kanan Devan Tea Factory

If you are interested to see how tea is produced from tea leaves you must absolutely visit the Kanan Devan Tea Factory. You can actually explore the process in great detail along with sipping tea at only INR 5.

The factory remains open to visitors all day of the week except on Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also purchase blended tea from the factory.

Walking Tour inside the Plantation

If you are a nature lover you cannot miss out on the walking tour along the tea plantation. The walking tour is the best way to explore the lush tea estates nestling on the hill ranges.

The beauty, the greenery and the peace make up for an enthralling experience for the visitors. Remember to carry a jacket or a cap as the weather becomes quite unpredictable.

With special permission, you can also take photographs during the plantation visit. If you are a tea aficionado your Kerala visit will remain incomplete if you do not make a trip to the Munnar Tea Estates.

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Tea Estates of Munnar: Charming Backdrop with Refreshing Aroma 1
Tea Estates of Munnar: Charming Backdrop with Refreshing Aroma 2