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It’s no wonder to local residents that Denver is one of the country’s fastest-growing towns. Anywhere you look, there are gorgeous neighborhoods just waiting for a new family to move in.

The Mile High City has plenty of top areas where you can live and visit. How amazing is that? Everyone that has visited Denver wants to come back at some point.

Why is that so? Well, there are so many places to see and experience.

Often, thanks to the altitude, you can go skiing in the morning and then play basketball the afternoon. As you can see, the city can undoubtedly leave you surprised.

Another thing that attracts people to move to Denver is the weather. The weather is usually sunny and warm, so if you are looking to avoid winter, this is the city to go to.

Speaking of neighborhoods, it is essential for many people to live in good and safe areas. If this is what you want as well, then there are some options you can check out.

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Popular Neighborhoods For Home Buyers In Denver CO

Listed below are some of the most popular neighborhoods that add to the beauty of Denver.

#1. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

For first-timers and locals alike, this is an amazing option. It’s the most highly populated neighborhood in Colorado, so there are many people around and lots of stores and clubs to enjoy. To keep the days and evenings interesting, it has a diverse mix of people.

In this particular neighborhood, you will surely make a lot of friends. You will get to experience other cultures.

After all, the point is to meet and establish good connections with your neighbors. So if you are into more crowded areas, this one should definitely be your first choice.

As locals know, Cap Hill stretches from East Colfax (15th) to 6th Avenue, and from the capital building to Cheesman Park from west to east.

Because there are so many people living in this particular neighborhood, its size is bigger.

It really depends on your preference and style. If you simply don’t prefer to dwell in a crowded neighborhood where there’s a lot of noise, you can move on to the next one.

After all, Denver is a big city, and there’s no shortage of neighborhoods available.

#2. Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek in Denver is quite a fascinating and desirable neighborhood because of a number of reasons. The district provides options for whatever type of living a person is searching for.

It is embellished with old and vintage houses, gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes, and, most importantly, peaceful, tree-lined suburban streets.

What more could you possibly want? Having to wake up every morning to the peacefulness around you is certainly something that everyone should strive to do.

Suppose you want to live in a more diverse metropolitan area. In that case, this particular neighborhood still has lots of choices for you. There are dozens of excellent restaurants around the Cherry Creek Shopping Center near East 1st Avenue.

Plus, you can also quickly locate the Denver Cherry Cricket, which is the home of Denver’s best hamburger.

In this vibrant district, Cherry Creek North is a separate area where you can find hundreds of fantastic restaurants, grocery outlets, day spas, luxury hair salons, other types of shops to browse through.

As you can see, this one is another excellent option for you and your family to move to.

#3. Highlands

Another charming neighborhood that you would like to check out is the Highlands, often referred to as Highland as well. It has mostly residential/suburb feel to the area, not excluding vibrant nightlife and fine dining.

So, if you want to have a fantastic time during the evening, you should definitely consider this area as well.

The neighborhood is also rich in bars and coffee shops. This is a good thing because you can meet a lot of people in these facilities.

The point is to make friends if you decide to permanently live there. But why is this area called this way?

Well, it is raised on a hillside that overlooks the entire city. Just imagine how many pictures you will be able to take at night?

A view like that is worth a lot. If you prefer to have a fantastic view of the entire city, this is the neighborhood to choose.

#4. LoDo

The name stands for Lower Downtown, and it tends to be one of Denver CO’s most famous neighborhoods for young people.

This vibrant neighborhood’s official name is the Lower Downtown Historic District. It is one of the oldest residential areas in the district.

Therefore, the area is listed as a historic neighborhood, and the Denver City Council decided to protect its historical existence. If you are a fan of architectural beauty, this is the neighborhood to choose to reside in.

Another objective of the zoning ordinance that established this particular neighborhood was to foster economic and social vitality in downtown Denver. This aim has been accomplished as LoDo is now a very vibrant community with a very active nightlife.

You will be able to find all kinds of bars and restaurants illuminating the streets and offering delicious meals. You should take advantage of this and treat yourself and your family out to amazing dinners in the future.

If you have teenagers in the family, they will be thrilled with this neighborhood. Take your time before you make a definitive decision because once you pick an area to live in, it should be worth it.

#5. Sloans Lake

The southwestern neighbor of the Highlands, Sloans Lake, is an amazing choice for those looking to get out of town and admire Denver’s largest lake.

Having a lake nearby is beneficial for your mental health as well. A lot of experts claim that being around water can make you more relaxed and calm.

This particular neighborhood is more suburban than the rest, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll have a bad time there.

On the contrary, some people love more rural and suburban areas because they want to escape the city’s loud noise. If you are among them, then this would be an ideal choice for you.

Plus, you will have many interesting restaurants and bars to check out when you want to have a night of fun.

As mentioned above, Denver is rich in many neighborhoods that are wonderful to live in, so make sure to do some research before you purchase a property in one of them.

Consulting a realtor can come in handy in situations like these because they can help you make a well-informed decision.

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