Proteins and peptides are made from the same amino acids, but peptides are chains of fewer than 50 of the chemical building blocks stacked together.

Because the peptides can be anywhere from two amino acids and up, their tiny size makes them perfect for many projects inside your body that no other compound can achieve.

For example, most proteins are between 300 and 500 amino acid chains, while the little peptide is much smaller and versatile.

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With the intricate mass of the protein and the large size, it is necessary for the more complex structures of the hundreds of amino acids in proteins to fold into sheets, helices, globules, and more complicated geometrical shapes.

Dedicated researchers such as Ryan Smith Lexington KY noticed the peptides don’t need to fold, instead, the chains stay in their original form in a two-dimensional state of loose strings inside your cells.

Because of the flat nature of the unfolded peptides, they can move into areas of your body that no other protein can enter. This includes pushing through the top layer of your skin, penetrating your intestinal walls, and even moving between cells.

Thus, peptides can slip into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently than the larger proteins.


While there are many types of peptides, some of them tell your body’s cells what to do, and because they send signals or messages to dictate the inner workings of your cells, these peptides are known as biopeptides.

Some of the many signals the biopeptides carry through your blood stream are about building muscle, losing weight, softening skin, and storing fat. Due to the amazing results found in human trials, many athletes use some types of peptides to build their body mass, while others use different peptides to lose weight.

Thousands of peptides flow through your body delivering messages each day. Science now understands how to use man made peptides to talk to your cells and tell your body what you want it to do and when you want to have it done.

You have your own messenger system – how amazing is that!

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