Fantasy Genre

Fantasies in the entertainment industry have actually evolved to a great extent. So, what is a fantasy or the fantasy genre? It is an industry or the category where you can simply imagine the characters and the stories that would completely make sense and which would create an ultimate story at the end with an exciting moral for sure.

However, to elaborate it more, you might have surely heard about various characters in your comics or probably in the games that you play. However, in 2019, there are a lot of fantasy games that are still running and being popular all around the globe. This particular genre actually has no end, and in fact, it could be the future of the gaming industry for sure.

The unrealistic or cartoon elements in the TV series or in the films do make it worthy and exciting for the students to pass their time out of their hectic schedules though. Well, these fantasies have created great authors and writers and even film and series directors too. There are many such games and the comics that have been translated or recreated into published books, novels and even into films and web series as well.

Fantasy Genre Evolution

Fantasy Genre Evolution

Many such comics and the children’s novels are now a published book or probably a blockbuster movie that has rocked the film world to the core. Fantasies can also be dedicated and spelled in the compilation of scientific sequence as well. You might have heard about the movies such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Hobbit, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe which is now Narnia, in the world of the movie.

There are also many web series that are now translated in many such popular channels and online streaming applications. Harry Potter series, Dungeons, and Dragons are another set of fantasies that are still popular and one of the favorites in the market. Another whimsy film in the sequence would be Alice in Wonderland. Inevitably, we love this kind of stories, even though we know it’s just imagination or a fantasy. However, the list goes on as there are many such fantasies that have played a lot since decades.

Later, the genre evolved into many elements such as:

  • Romances
  • The Enlightenment
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Tolkien Fantasy
  • Post Tolkien Fantasy

In fact, it is still predicted that this particular genre would more progress in the next couple of years for sure. The dragons, the tales, the myths, and the magic does make a great difference in the media or publishing world.


Hence, now you know how this particular genre evolved from books to the magazine to films and series. However, it would be very great if fantasy writers can go beyond this and write about humankind combining it with the fantasy genre, it can, however, create a good environment and peace in the world.

You know words and visuals have got great power. Well, evolution is what the world needs and so are for imaginations.

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