When you are a person passionate about reliving the nostalgia of bygone eras, luxury trains in India are the just what you need to soak in the rich cultural and historical beauty of this country. There are many luxury train travel facilities being offered in the country, but the Maharaja Express scores ahead of all its competitors because of its unique services.

This royal luxury train offers a variety of journeys for interested travelers. Out of this, booking a trip on the Maharajas Express Jodhpur may be a wise decision on your part.What makes the Maharajas Express Jodhpur journey a memorable one?

When you are keen to travel through the length and breadth of this country in trains, you should opt for the Maharaja Express tour through Jodhpur, Jaipur Ranthambore, Agra, and Delhi. This is one journey that you must not miss if you are keen to see the historical architecture and beauty of this region.

Besides popular tourist destinations, the tour organizers will take you to visit many other sightseeing attractions that will allow you to experience the culture, landscape, people and history of that area. The best part about choosing to buy tickets for the Maharajas Express Jodhpur tour is that you will get to experience the journey in sheer opulence and with five-star comforts.

This is because the trains are equipped to offer you all amenities commensurate with traveling first class anywhere in the world. So, you can enjoy the most relaxing and spacious ambiance, quality accommodation, exquisite cuisines, all modern facilities like LED televisions and Wi-Fi, retail stores, spas and salons, entertainment centers etc.

When you book tickets on the Maharajas Express Jodhpur tour, you will be allotted tickets for the Indian Splendour Tour which takes tourists to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Ranthambore, Udaipur, Balasinor, and Mumbai. There are many other equally enthralling tours in other parts of the country and these tours offer a choice of 7nights- 8 days or 3 nights-4 days’ trips. This train has received many international awards for being one of the best luxury trains in the world.

The main reason why there is always a huge demand for tickets on the Maharaja Express Jodhpur tour is that the train provides state-of-the-art facilities to guests. There are onboard filtration plants for pure and safe drinking and bathing water, a variety of authentic Indian and global cuisines prepared by internationally-acclaimed chefs, huge sized cabins and lounges, personal butler services, air-conditioning and laundry facilities etc for travelers.

When you are on board the Indian Splendor tour that will take you to visit Jodhpur amongst other popular historical destinations, you can experience India’s royal heritage and its colonial past. Whether it is the aura of the Taj Mahal or the resplendent forts in Rajasthan, you will be left spellbound.

You can even watch elephant polo matches or enjoy the wildlife safari at the Ranthambore National Park. When you arrive at Jodhpur, you will be served breakfast on the train itself after which you are taken on a tour of this Sun City as it is called. Guests not keen to go for day trips can well relax in the train and enjoy the many amenities at their disposal.

Others will be taken to Bishno village with guides. Following this, they will be taken to the famous Mehrangarh Fort which overlooks the city and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site currently. So, your tour of Jodhpur is best experienced on the world famous maharajas express train.