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Nurses play a huge role in bringing a positive impact on the community. They help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The more knowledge that a nurse has, the more helpful they will be to society. There are plenty of ways through which a nurse can advance their career and education.

Investing in education

Investing in education is one of the easiest ways through which a nurse can advance their career. As a nurse continues to get certification for nursing programs or more degrees, they stand a higher chance of advancing their career.

Some nursing positions will require a nurse to have a particular certification. Therefore, if a nurse has not pursued that program, they might not get the job.

There are many resources out there that allow nurses to advance their education and work at the same time.

One can work as an LPN as they pursue their associate’s nursing degree for example. The choice to pursue these degrees depending on the nurse’s preferences regarding the advancement of their career.

Nurses can explore accelerated education programs online as a faster and easier way to get the credentials they’re seeking without going through traditional schooling.

A nurse needs to advance their education because most of the job positions in advanced practice require a doctoral or masters degree. Therefore, if a nurse is seeking to have a high paying job, advancing their education is unavoidable.

If a nurse plans to focus on management, they should get certification in management-related courses. Clinical certifications will only guarantee a nurse a career in the field of teaching or practicing medicine.

A nurse needs to get their priorities right to make it easy for them to choose a course suitable for their preferences.

Building and utilizing networks

Whenever a nurse meets new people, they get an opportunity to exchange ideas that could help them decide to advance their careers.

A nurse should, therefore, network with their organization and other parties that share similar interests. As a result, they would come up with new approaches to dealing with challenging situations.

Networking provides nurses with an opportunity to learn new ideas and get new jobs. However, it should not be considered a way of career advancement.

For a nurse to advance in their career, they have to get new certification. New ideas without certification cannot help an individual advance their career.

Pursuing professionalism

Exhibiting professionalism has been a common way of developing an individual’s career. Professionalism in nursing is about respecting patients’ privacy, respecting them, adhering to the nursing practice guidelines, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Nurses ought to represent themselves as professionals, whether in work or not. Employers seek to employ individuals with high abilities to express professionalism.

Therefore, if a nurse acts professionally, they increase their chances of getting promoted in the workplace. In turn, this would help with their career development goals.

Mentor relationship

A nurse can choose to become a mentee by choosing a role model to guide them in the nursing career. Medical practitioners who have been in the field for a long period are better positioned at offering career advice.

It is up to a nurse to identify a mentor that they feel comfortable working with. Such would help them get ideas on how to advance their career.

Many believe that every nurse should focus on the ways that facilitate them to advance their career the most. For instance, some nurses can develop their careers through mentorship programs or building networks.

Others find it easy to invest in education as a way of developing their career. Career development and advancement in nursing aim to enhance the quality of healthcare provided to patients.

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