Bulk Gifts for Employees

We are getting into the festive season when most companies conduct end-of-year parties and get gifts for their employees.

Fortunately, it’s also a season where most sellers offer ranging discounts, including the Black Friday offers. One of the most effective ways of saving money when getting gifts for your employees is buying bulk.

Besides getting things at lower prices, you will get introductory offers such as free delivery, more bids, and customized gifts for your employees.

This article will discuss some tips on how you can save money when purchasing these gifts in bulk. Here are the suggestions.

Have a Budget and List

Before starting shopping, you need to have a proper budget, showing the number of employees you are having and how much you are willing to spend on gifts.

While it is essential to be as conservative as possible, you need to consider these gifts’ nature since they have to be of value to show appreciation to your employees.

Also, do not use a larger budget that will create a dent in your company finances. After knowing the budget, you need to create a list of your employees who need gifts, determining the kinds of gifts to buy according to your budget.

If you are getting them gifts for family use, consider their spouse and children too. If you note the budget isn’t enough, you can opt for cheaper items but with value to ensure everyone gets appreciated.

Get Reusable packaging Bags

Most bulk orders come on one package for the buyer to repackage as per their needs. The box you will receive from your wholesaler may not have the smaller gift packages to offer to your employees.

To avoid getting into another cost of buying gift wrapping papers and other expensive packaging bags, you can consider getting reusable grocery bags for distributing the gifts.

The good thing about these reusable bags is that they can be customized with your company logo and any message to accompany the gift.

These trendy bags are from environmentally friendly and reusable material, which helps advertise your brand out there.

Customizing these bags in bulk also enables you to save on customization, saving more costs other than buying in bulk.

Another thing about these reusable grocery bags is that they come with different designs, materials, and prices, allowing you to buy according to your budget.

Compare Prices

Buying gifts in bulk doesn’t mean you purchase from any wholesaler. Some are cheaper and offer more discounts compared to others on the same items.

You should do maximum research and get a more affordable wholesaler who offers more discounts and other additional offers such as free deliveries.

For example, if your local brick and mortar shop is selling these gifts at $100 and you can get it online at $90 inclusive of transport, it’s better to get it online to save more.

Saving on $10 may not make a huge difference, but it’s worth it since you will be making bulky purchases and you want to save money.

You can also be checking prices regularly to enjoy price cuts, trade discounts, limited offers, and other discounts that come with the festive season.

Ensure to consider the total cost until to your premises to ensure you are getting a better deal.

Get the presents early or after

Heading to the festive season has its advantages and disadvantages. If lucky, you can get gifts at lower prices on offer or if not, buy them at exorbitant prices. The latter is always the case.

It’s recommended to purchase the gifts before or after a popular season, including the festive season. Planning to buy the items during the season will make you pay more since prices are always higher to counterattack demand.

For your case, you will want your employees to enjoy the gifts during the festive season, meaning you need to buy them early.

Ensure to purchase these gifts at least two or three months before the festive season, store them, and offer them to your employees at the right time. With this, you will save on so many costs, including the inflated transport costs.

If you plan to offer your employees holidays or other services, consider doing it after the season is over to enjoy discounts that come with the low season.

Purchasing offseason will also ensure you avoid other inconveniences such as too much traffic, out of stock items, delays, and other inconveniences to the company.

Use PayPal when purchasing online

If you are purchasing the bulk gifts online, it’s advisable to use a transaction method that won’t get hacked, and it’s cheaper to save on costs.

PayPal is recommended for online transactions since you won’t expose your credit card details to an online website that sometimes gets hacked.

The more transactions you will be making for bulky purchases, the more you are vulnerable to hackers. With PayPal, you only need to transfer the required amount to the seller without putting much of your information at risk.

Another advantage of this payment method is that there is no transactional cost, and you will get reimbursed your full amount when the seller fails to deliver the goods purchased.

PayPal also gives you a maximum spending limit, which helps you plan your budget well to avoid impulse purchases.

Use store delivery

Most stores selling in bulk often offer free delivery services on applicable distances. If you are within the stated distance, make use of this delivery service to save on costs.

Besides saving on costs, you will avoid wasting time picking items, loss and pilferage, and other inconveniences related to picking the goods. Even if the free delivery service isn’t on offer, don’t shy off asking the same to your supplier.

Since you will be making bulky orders, they won’t hesitate to offer the service to you as an aftersales service.

Employees need appreciation at least once a year for working hard to ensure the company achieves its goals. This appreciation should not cause a dent in your pocket and should not cause any other inconvenience.

If you plan to get your employees’ gift items, buy them in bulk and use the tips stated in this article to save more on costs. Doing this will ensure making everyone appreciated at a lower cost.

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