Improve Your Oral Health

Your mouth may not be getting the attention that it needs to stay healthy.

If you’ve noticed changes in your mouth’s appearance or you’re having more dental issues than you have in years past, you may need to step up your oral care. Here are some tips to keep your entire mouth as healthy as you can.

Create a Regular Time to Floss

A lot of people skip out on flossing as much as they need to simply because it isn’t a fixture in their dental care regimen in the same way that brushing is.

People typically brush at around the same time every day, but they don’t floss every time that they brush.

Choose one of your brushing times as the time that you’ll also floss afterward. You can also floss as needed after you’ve eaten something that tends to get stuck between your teeth, but don’t make as-needed flossing the only time that you floss.

See Your Dentist for Preventative Care

Don’t wait until something is causing you discomfort before you’re willing to get into a dentist’s chair. You need to get a cleaning twice a year at a minimum.

Some people benefit from a cleaning every three months instead of every six months. Also, a deep cleaning that goes well below the gumline may be a good idea for people who are forming large pockets in between their teeth and gums.

A big space in this area is likely to trap plaque and lead to tooth decay.

Cleanings and exams are a good way to stay on top of issues such as pockets before they develop into serious oral health conditions such as an infection.

If you need a dentist Park Slope, reach out to a provider who can offer a range of preventative care services.

Protect Your Teeth From Damage

Bruxism is an extremely common condition that can cause extensive damage to teeth. People who grind their teeth can wear down their teeth’s enamel, which is their protective outer layer.

As a result, their teeth may feel particularly sensitive. They may also chip or even break teeth.

Wearing a nightguard is a great way to protect teeth during sleep. The nighttime is when people with bruxism usually do the worst damage.

Your dentist can advise you about what type of custom night guard is right for you. Don’t let dental care fall to the wayside. Prioritize your oral health to help your mouth look and feel great.

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