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Diwali is here and it is time to decorate your home with the finest diyas and stuff your tummies with delicious sweets and savouries. It is the season to celebrate the festival of lights with your dearest family members and friends. Amidst the non-stop fun and shopping, it is very important to be careful and cautious.

During Diwali, a lot of people burst crackers and fireworks to enjoy the occasion. One should take extra care to prevent injuries or damages that could be caused by crackers. You should also pay extra attention to children during this period so that they are safe.

Apart from bodily injuries, one should also be wary about damages caused to cars. If you are a car owner, you should be very attentive and take proper measures to avoid any damages. Let us now take a look at a few important steps that need to be followed to keep your car safe during the Deepavali/Diwali period:

Be attentive while driving

When you take your car on the roads, you will need to be extra cautious. Many people, especially kids, like to burst crackers in the middle of the road. So, watch out for people lighting fireworks during this season. Crackers can harm your vehicle parts badly. You may also lose control when you are behind the wheel if you get distracted by the loud sound of crackers. If you see anyone lighting a cracker at a distance, stop your car right away. You can pass once it is done.

Park your car in a proper parking space

If you have a garage in your home, make sure you park your vehicle inside it. If you do not have a separate garage, find a reliable parking space and keep your car in it. You could ask your friends or family members who have extra parking space in their homes. You may also try parking your car in a shopping mall parking space or any commercial parking lot.

Close your car windows fully

Whether you are driving your car or keeping it parked in some space, make sure the windows are completely rolled. During Diwali, rockets and other fireworks may come flying from far away and they may get inside your car if the windows are not closed properly. You should also remember that car interiors are generally combustible and they can catch fire very quickly. Hence, you should be extremely careful about this.

Do not use car covers

You may think that car covers will keep your car safe during Diwali. However, the truth is that if any cracker or any fire spark touches a car cover, it may catch fire. This is because many of these car covers are not fire-proof. Therefore, if you are parking your car outside during this festival, avoid covering it.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your car

It is important that any driver keeps a fire extinguisher in his or her car. It is very helpful especially during the Diwali season when many individuals burst crackers. If you have an extinguisher in your automobile, you can use it whenever there is a fire accident. You can control the fire efficiently before the situation gets worse. Ensure that you keep it in a place where anybody can find it.

Park your car on the road sensibly

If you are left with no choice other than parking your car on the road, then choose a good location. You will have to assess the condition of the road and find a space where not too many people would light fireworks. You could try looking for an abandoned area where not too many people live.

We should make certain that we do not cause any inconvenience to others while celebrating any festival. If we choose to burst crackers, we should make sure that we do not cause any damage in any way to others.

We should have enough civic sense and not light a cracker next to someone else’s vehicle or when someone is passing by. You can follow these above-mentioned simple steps to have a safe, stress-free, and joyous Diwali!

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