Remove Pallor of The Face

Currently, one of the most demanded qualities, especially by the female population, is the perfection of the skin of the face, that is, to show a complexion without imperfections such as pimples, blackheads, acne, etc.

To this is added the attempts to delay as much as possible the appearance of signs of age on the face, such as wrinkles, crow’s feet or sagging skin.

The desire to have a perfect face is also reflected in wanting to show a healthy skin colour, so try to avoid pallor in the skin, as it can refer to problems such as fatigue or can be associated with imbalances in the diet.

Tips To Remove Pallor of The Face

This is why we always try to maintain a more tanned skin colour. This article explains how to remove the pallor from the face.

Tips To Remove Pallor

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Why do you have a pale face?

There are two main reasons why the face may show a paler shade than normal, as long as it is not for genetic reasons.

Paleness due to tiredness

One of the most common reasons is tiredness. Lack of sleep or the appearance of rest disturbances, such as insomnia, generate a tired look and a more greyish tone of the face.

It is usually accompanied by dark circles, a shade that appears just below the eyes because the skin is thinner.

Not only is the amount of sleep important, but its quality, since people who do not sleep at night are also more likely to show paleness of the face.

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Paleness due to feeding

A poor diet can also cause a paler shade on the face, especially in the case of an iron deficiency, which is one of those responsible for the production of haemoglobin, the cells that carry oxygen to all body structures.

When the skin does not have enough oxygen, it shows a darker colour than normal. If this is your problem, we recommend this article on Iron-rich foods.

Disguise the paleness of the face with makeup

If the pallor on the face is due to genetic issues or the causes have not yet been discovered, and you want to put a temporary measure as a solution, makeup is the best option if you do not know how to remove the pallor of the face. It can be used in three ways:

  • It is recommended to choose a foundation that is a shade higher than your own, to highlight the tan colour.
  • Applying blush or blush around the cheeks is also advisable, marking the jaw bones.
  • Another option is to apply self-tanning, always choosing one specific to the face area and following the instructions, since, if not, it can produce a failure in the pigmentation and not achieve the desired colour at first.

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Homemade mask of milk and red fruits for the pallor of the face

To recover the normal colour of the skin of the face, if it is due to fatigue or the stress that gives the skin a weekend party because of alcohol and take foods with much fat, you can resort to natural masks.

How to prepare a homemade mask of milk and red fruits

It is recommended that the main ingredient be milk since its application on the skin helps it to be revitalized.

As a second ingredient, it is advisable to use red fruits, such as strawberries or grapes, as they also help revitalize the skin and eliminate dead cells, thus recovering the skin’s normal tone.

  • Put 150 ml of milk in a glass and 4 or 5 strawberries or grapes (depending on size).
  • Beat everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Once you have it, apply it to your face with wipes for 5 minutes.

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Food and rest for pale skin

If the causes are more complex, such as the lack of a good diet or adequate rest, it is very convenient to treat these problems to end the pallor from the base.

Foods against pallor

In the case of food, it is advisable to include foods rich in iron, such as whole grains, red meat, legumes or tofu on the menu.

You should also see a doctor to perform a blood test in case you are suffering from anaemia, and if so, proceed to your treatment.

In case you have anaemia, we recommend the following article on How to feed yourself to cure anaemia.

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Sleep well to improve pallor

As for rest, sleeping between 7 and 8 hours is advisable.

If you have difficulties doing so, it is advisable to resort to a relaxed environment before going to bed, without any screen nearby, take dinner two hours before bedtime, and if needed, you can prepare some infusion or a glass of hot milk.

In case it is of interest, we recommend this other article on the best infusions to sleep.

Beautiful and Healthy skin requires daily care. If you follow the golden rules after a daily shower, on vacation, or during the cold winter months, your skin will be soft, supple, and radiantly beautiful!

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