wall mirrors

A wall mirror belongs to the elite class of accessories, which adds beauty to your home. Besides, it not only act from the functional point of view. A wall mirror makes your room more spacious and reflects light. It can work as a focal point and be a source of decorative element in your room.

I have been asked repeatedly through time, just how can I go about choosing a wall mirror which may easily fit nicely with a specific room of the residence? My reply to this is you should understand what room the wall mirror is going to be wrapped in and also what style of mirror will probably suit with the subject of the space.

Understand the Purpose

First and foremost, think about the purpose of the mirror. Ask at the back of your mind “why are you buying the mirror?”, “Do you need it for your daily use or are you are looking at it from a decorative point of view?” Once the purpose is sorted out, you can purchase the type of mirror with ease. In case, if you are considering checking your appearance, then a full-length mirror is much better than a wall mirror. On the other hand, if you want something to hang over the fireplace then a wall mirror will serve the purpose.

Look at the Space

Wall mirrors are available in varied shapes or sizes. The common ones are rectangular or square, though oval and round ones are available. The style of the room has a huge say in the type of mirror you need to consider. If you are keen on a traditional look, then a square wall mirror will do the trick. On the other hand, for a simple look you can opt for a round mirror. If the need arises, you can get the mirror customized at the local shop as per your requirements.

The size Factor

Take a note on how large the size of the mirror ought to be. The size is dependent on a couple of factors, the size of the wall and the impact it is going to leave on the house. If you are remodelling a large space and intent on making a strong statement, then a large mirror will do the trick. If the entry area is tiny then opt for a small mirror.

The framing material

You would need to choose a mirror frame that will maximize the style used in the room. For a homely feel, it is better to opt for a wooden framed mirror. The location of the room has an impact on the type of framing material that you choose. In case, if you are planning to use it in the bathroom opt for a water-resistant metal.


If a mirror is chosen with a decorative frame, then opt for a colour, which goes along with the décor of the room. Once the frame colour is chosen, think on the lines on how it will go along with the wall shade. It should aim at a contrast that draws in the attention of the viewers. Ideally, you can choose a frame that is lighter or darker in colour, or opt for a coloured frame, as well.

To cover up a blank wall

Maybe one of the reasons you are looking for mirrors is to hide the blank space of your room. If this is the case, there are some unique options to try and many choices in terms of styles. You can add a whimsical unit to the room and ensure an element of positivity with sunburst mirror. Any mirror, which is unique in shape and with a stylish frame, will work.

Allow me to focus on a query. Which room at house does this wall mounted mirror hang ? As we’re talking about wall mounted cushions, the first consideration must be the style. For the large part, that the various trends of wall mirrors are all Conventional, Ornate, Modern, frame less, Venetian and kiddies.

After that you ought to consider what shape you’d prefer this wallhanging mirror. Here your alternatives are square, rectangle, round, oblong, styled, subjective, sunburst, octagon and habit.

That which I predict habit, is really a wall mounted mirror that’s shaped into a non uniform method. A good instance of a personalized wall mirror is just a framed sectional mirror. There’s really a vanity mirror with a carved timber framework which in fact holds 3 different mirrors. Allow me to inform you this particular piece of wall mounted mirror wood-work is completely magnificent! Another more straightforward example of a custom made wall mirror is described as a triangular shaped mirror.

The next thing you should think about is can you really would like beveled glass or horizontal border glass for the own wall mirror. Here your pick is an issue of one’s own personal taste. Many people today feel that the beveled glass mirrors are somewhat more elegant, but some like the blank look of horizontal edged glass wall lighting. All you need to do is compare and shop till you’ve made your choice.

One other crucial quality of a wall mirror would be if you’d like your mirror framed or frameless. Should you go for a framed wall mirror, then you get a massive assortment of choices. Here we’ll start off using what material that your mirror framework can be reached out of. Your framework stuff choices are wood, metal, resin/acrylic, glass and contrary to popular belief you will find additionally available recycled magazines and recycled papers under the category of”Additional Frame Materials.” Therefore when it has to do with frames for the own wall mirror, then the category is more spacious!

The next thing in your list is always to choose which color you want your mirror framework in order to be. Even though your color choices are infinite in the event that you decide to decide on a customized color. Additionally, there are several normal colors out there. Your traditional colors include brown, silver, gold, bronze, black, white, black, aluminum as well as crimson. In the event that you eyesight a multi-purpose mirror framework or any color to coordinate with the decoration of this space, then you are able to have your wall mounted mirror framework made to coincide with along with. You’re in complete charge of the entire colour spectrum.

The final, although perhaps not least important element in selecting an ideal wall mirror would be your size. Proceed till the wall which you wish to hang on the mirror. With a ruler at hand, assess the width and elevation of this subject of the wall you would like your brand new mirror to occupy. Ensure that your measurements are true. When you’re certain about the magnitude of one’s own wall mirror, then you’re finished with your research and prepared to purchase.

You can now go outside or keep on the web feeling ensured you’ve done your homework and your final decision will probably soon be an informed choice.

To conclude, any wall in your room can work wonders with a beautiful wall mirror. Just take into considerations the space and a wall decor that is stylish and beautiful, at the same time.