Toll Free Phone Numbers For Marketing

Have you ever dialed phone numbers that are longer than usual even without IDD or area codes and wondered why are they so? Companies nowadays use these numbers for marketing purposes, believe it or not.

Toll Free Phone Numbers are telephone numbers that can be dialed from any phone device anywhere in the world for free. They’re unlike regular phone numbers that incur long distance charges when you place the call, depending on where you are.

So, if these are a part of the marketing of a business and you get to utilize them for free, then someone is shouldering the cost, right? Well, obviously, as there are no more free ads nowadays. Just think of collect calls, less all the hassles.

From a business owner’s perspective, what exactly are the reasons why these Toll Free Phone Numbers are so effective as a marketing strategy? Please consider the following.

How To Use These Toll Free Phone NumbersAccessible Anytime and Anywhere

Toll Free Phone Number are considered one of the most effective ways for businesses to generate potential clients and customers. That’s beside the fact that they can be a very convenient way to contact these companies as part of customer service. As they say, happy customers, happy business!

Any customer can reach your company from anywhere in the world and round-the-clock. These are essential factors in improving customer service, and of course, their satisfaction.

Free of Charge for Customers

It can be an irritating experience when you need to talk to the company about a product concern. Yet, nobody replies to your email, chat messages, and comments on its social media page. Toll-free numbers ensure that you can talk to a real person in real-time.

What’s more, is that customer don’t need to pay a dime for each call. Not even if you are in a different state or country. This is an added value to your customer service and more reason for your customer to trust you even more.

Vanity Numbers Increase Customer Recall

Toll-free numbers are said to be better remembered by customers than a website name.  So, you can just imagine how much more recall they can make when a business use vanity numbers.

More often than not, these vanity numbers describe the kind of offering a company has at that point, that’s why they are highly effective. Whenever people hear these numbers, they associate them with your company or your campaign. These drive a lot of leads, inquiries, and even actual customers to your company.

An Effective Tool for Marketing

Toll-free numbers have features that allow tracking analytical data effectively. One way is by using a particular number for a specific campaign to enable the company to identify strong and weak points precisely or whether they’re effective or not.

Through these toll-free numbers, you will be able to identify whether to stick to the current strategy or make some adjustments. Based on the data gathered through each call that you receive, it will be an opportunity to further improve your reach and the message you want to get across.

Some of the useful information you can gather include the volume of customer calls, the number of repeat calls, where these calls are coming from, among others.

Aids in Customer Base Expansion and Brand Recognition

The current numbers suggest that toll-free numbers in the US are more effective in driving a higher number of qualified leads. This is in comparison to the generated leads of contact forms you see on a company’s website.

When a customer calls and they are able to get satisfactory answers to their queries, the probability of them supporting the brand further and providing referrals through word of mouth are high. This can also improve brand recognition as the company would be viewed as reliable when it comes to satisfying customers’ needs.

How To Use These Toll-Free Numbers

The use of a toll free phone number is provided by call-forwarding service companies. They provide services that come with a lot of optional add-ons features and great support.

To be able to maximize the use of these toll-free numbers, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Choose a number that can be easily recalled. This number should be able to show your brand’s uniqueness, as well as strengthen or improve the image of your company.
  2. Use an inbuilt Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This is an added feature being offered by the service provider to help greet customers and navigate through the process.
  3. Listen to live calls as they happen and record all of them to improve the quality of the calls.
  4. Consolidate all data using a Customer Relationship Management or CRM tool to manage customer information.

Parting Words

Just when you thought that internet marketing is everything nowadays, there are still a few options that you can take offline. Using Toll Free Phone Number can do an exceptional job in helping your company achieve its marketing goals if only you give it a try.

Even better is that you can provide your customers with a free tool to reach you out whenever possible. That in itself can bring you closer to them, which can definitely show in your sales figure in the long run.

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