10 Places In USA

The United States of America is full of wonderful places, riveting sites, and stupendous experiences.

All along the East Coast, West Coast and the central regions of the country, there are hundreds of locations to hold your awe throughout the year.

10 Best locations to make your travel itinerary a lot richer

#1. New York City

The Big Apple is the first place you must visit to soak in the true American spirit. Do not miss the Empire State Building, Times Square or a Ferry to the Statue of Liberty while you sample the most diverse cuisines NYC restaurants and cafes have to offer.

#2. Chicago

The Second City or the Windy City is the birthplace of Jazz and Blues in the USA. It is one experience you should not miss after your trip to NYC. While you are in Chicago, do not miss a Cubs game at the Wrigley Field.

#3. Las Vegas

It is the city of fun, fortune, and fame. It makes no sense to travel across the US and not give the desert rose a visit. While you are in the state of California, why not give the historic Del Mar grounds a visit.

This is the Mecca of thoroughbred racing in the USA, and you will get the chance to witness some of the most adrenaline stimulating races in the world that we get to see on tvg.com horse racing.

#4. San Francisco

This is the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, the easy-going air of the Haight-Ashbury and the flavors of Chinatown.

San Francisco is not only the city for all nature lovers; it is also the starting point of trips to the Napa Valley and Silicon Valley. Get your California party bus and go on a road trip.

#5. Florida

It is the place of expansive beaches, warm sunlight, friendly people and food inspired by the fusion of multiple cultures. You have not seen the USA unless you have seen the sandy beaches of Florida.

#6. New Orleans

This is a city of mystery, festivals, parades, French culture and music festivals. Visiting New Orleans is the ideal way to let the good times begin.

#7. Philadelphia

It is the city of new thoughts, revolutions, leaders, and museums. There is no way you would want to give the street art and art museums of Philadelphia a miss.

#8. Washington, DC

Lincoln Memorial, The White House, Washington Monument, National WWII Memorial, Smithsonian Museum, National Art Gallery and much more must make it to the must-visit list at Washington.

#9. Seattle

There are so many reasons to be sleepless in Seattle, and the Space Needle is just the beginning of the list. Some of the finest architecture, museums, art galleries, markets and restaurants define Seattle.

#10. Denver

Museums, galleries, restaurants, scenic byway across Mount Evans, splendid view of the Rockies, the zoo and a million other attractions make Denver a ubiquitous presence on every tourist’s itinerary.

The USA holds more wonders than you can experience in a lifetime. Start as early as possible and plan a route to cover as many sites and sceneries on the way.

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