Must Visit Beaches in Goa

There is no doubt about Goa which is one of the best tourist spots in India. Between many people don’t know what to do once they reach Goa. They haven’t planned anything and simply making the trip bored. There are hundreds of things to do in Goa when you simply visit Goa. So for those who are planning a trip to Goa and here we got a list of 10 things to do in Goa to have fun! Are you excited about Goa? Do check them all!

Get a tattoo
Yeah, I’m serious folks! If your friends already got a tattoo, then its time for you! You can just pick any type of tattoo that you would like both permanent and temporary! It won’t harm As its a tourist place, it may cost you less!

Top 10 Things to Do in Goa

things to do in goa

If you’re planning for any trips, then surely you should have planned for shopping too! In all spots, there will be special things will be available. So there are some items that are best purchased there. This is one of the important things to do in Goa! You will find thousands of shops on streets, beaches of Goa and all around. It may be a spot for shopping swim-wear, pants, and fashion accessories.

Hopefully, one of the best things to do in Goa is to visit beautiful beaches. Everyone know feeling nature makes you relax. You can simply lie down on the sand, bathe in the water or spending your time at the beach in the night along with your friends or girlfriends. It will be a new experience you will never forget!

Seeing Dolphins
If you haven’t seen any dolphins in your life so closely, then it will be the best opportunity to play with dolphins. You may have watched some videos where dolphins will be playing. So trust me, the same you will experience in Goa. Near to sea shore, you will find many boat services, just hire them and play around in the sea!

They are just awesome live music and dance events performed by many hot girls! Embark on one of these and it full fun by dancing with fun songs on streets of Goa.

Spa & Massages
You will find many ayurvedic centers in Goa where they serve for you! Head to feet massage can heal and it is combined with medicines to de-stress and to re-energise you! These stuffs are more popular in Goa!

Visiting Churches
No words to mention about this one! In Goa, you will find oldest churches in India. So make use of your trip to visit those churches in Goa. You will find beautiful architecture and do pray for your needs too!

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Visit the sea shores food shops to have yummy sea foods. You will find varieties of foods which is the perfect place to hang-out with your friends to have good meals!

Night Parties
Goa is known for beach parties and this is one among the best things to do in Goa. For having fun, go wild and simply have an awesome night with your pals!

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Bike Ride
Once you reach Goa, try to hire a bike and road map. Then start your journey and explore the sunny and beachy climatic condition along with friends!

Do share your thoughts in comments below! Have fun guys!!