Car Accessories 2018

In this article, car accessories manufacturers will going to share top vehicle accessories you should buy this year. You can contact the manufacturers and suppliers and avail the best suitable deals for your car.

Electric car tire air pump compressor inflator and puncture kit: Maintaining recommended pressure of the tire is critical as tires hold on to the entire weight of the vehicle and transfer power produced by the car engine to the road.

Inappropriate pressures cause damage to components. The tire pump compressor works well for flat tires by making them inflated within minutes.

Tire puncture kit help in changing the tires when they are punctured and the good part is that you don’t have to wait for a mechanic to fix the issue. Both of these products are affordable and can be bought in between INR 1000 and INR 3000.

Top Car Accessories You Must Have

Car Accessories 2019

Hydraulic car jack

Hydraulic jack relies on force created by pressure to lift the car. If you need to change the tire at the time of puncture, you will need a hydraulic jack to lift your car. While using the hydraulic jack, do check and locate the jacking point and placing it over plywood to form a stable surface.

Never place the jack on asphalt or it will sink within ground and release the locking mechanism on the handle to raise the car or vehicle until it is about 2” off the ground. You can get a hydraulic car jack from INR 750 onwards and the price will vary as per the required weight to lift.

12v high speed Tablet or phone charger

Electronic devices have become our daily-work partner and we are using them to stay updated and maintain contacts. This generates the requirement of charging the phone or tablet battery on the go. You can get a 12V high speed charger for your smart device from INR 250 to INR 750.

Mobile holder with suction cup

You must install a mobile holder with suction cup inside your car. It is helpful in keeping your mobile at a place while you drive. This will improve your driving concentration. It is easy to get and available in most places. You can get a mobile holder accessory for your car at just INR 200.

Stun gun for lady driver

Stun gun is an electric shock weapon that can be used by lady driver for her safety reasons. This equipment gives pain to the attacker without significantly hurting him. You can get this product from the manufacturing outlet of car accessories at INR 500.

Tow rope and cable

If your car gets stuck in the middle of road and you are unable to move it, the tow rope and cable kit pull it easily. The kit won’t cost you more than INR 1000.

So these are the top car accessories that you can buy from the market. There are lots of other accessories available at auto parts exporters store. Visit the store and browse more products for your car.

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